With a projected job growth of 6% by 2028, the job outlook for aspiring marine superintendents is on the rise.

These professionals are responsible for overseeing the safe operations of the vessels and ensuring compliance with all international marine requirements.

However, with increased demand comes increased competition. And one of the best ways to get ahead of this competition is by making a compelling resume that grabs the recruiters' attention right off the bat.

So, what makes a great marine resume that can help you get shortlisted for your dream job with ease?

Stay tuned to see what an ideal marine superintendent resume looks like and understand why it works well.

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Feddrick Roger
Marine Superintendent
Highly skilled and 3 years experienced Marine Superintendent adept at safety training and supervising personnel in marine projects. Proficient in overseeing day-to-day operations to ensure smooth functioning in accordance with customer objectives. Professionally trained in handling emergency situations on the ship and keeping healthy labor relations to maintain workplace harmony.
• Safety Training • Vessel & Crew Management • Equipment Maintenance • Budgeting & Cost Control • Progress Tracking
• Facility Inspection & Maintenance • Emergency Management • Labor Relations
Marine Superintendent
World Shipping Ltd.
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    Safety Training & Vessel Management
    • Designed and implemented safety training programs to ensure safe operations of vessels and equipment
    • Transferred fuel for vessel operations while preventing slack tanks and moving ballast water for safer vessel management
    • Monitored engines, pumps, and motors on a regular basis in compliance with ISM and ISO standards
    Personnel Management & Labor Relations
    • Supervised union-represented personnel to ensure operational efficiency while working within labor agreement
    • Coordinated activities of all marine resources to reduce lags and communications gaps while meeting customer objectives
    • Analyzed labor agreements mitigating contract violations resulting in arbitration while tracking progress of new joiners
    Marine Operations Manager
    Ocean Sparkle Co.
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      Facility Maintenance & Emergency Management
      • Cooperated with staff to provide excellent customer service and maintain clean and well-functioning public facility
      • Supervised union longshore labor during the loading and discharge of containerized and break-bulk cargo
      • Designed improvements for lifeboats by ensuring easy access, launching, and recovery during emergency situations
      • Administered the Stability Incident Response team by conducting drills and emergency scenarios
      • High Voltage Safety & Switch Gear at Operational Level | New York Maritime Training Institute | Nov '18
      B.Tech. in Marine Engineering
      Maritime University
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        • GPA: 4.0
        • Languages: English (Native) and French (Fluent)

        The resume sample showcases the career trajectory of a marine superintendent with 3 years of experience in the industry.

        Here are some key pointers that make this resume sample work well with recruiters:

        • It has clearly segregated and titled sections that showcase different information like the candidate's skills, experiences, education, and training. This allows recruiters to identify the candidate's strengths with ease.

        • The summary highlights the candidate's most notable skills, experiences, and areas of expertise in a crisp and concise manner.

        • The professional experience section is presented very neatly using bullet points rather than paragraphs. The sentences are framed using a cause-and-effect relationship that not only highlights the duties but also the results using numbers, figures, and action verbs.

        • The training section showcases the special training that the candidate has undergone to further add to his creditability and area of expertise.

        • The education section lists the name of the degree the candidate holds, the name of the university, corresponding dates, and GPA to provide the recruiter with complete details.

        • And lastly the additional information section showcases the language the candidate can speak.

        If you identify with the career trajectory of this candidate, you can use this sample as a reference to create your own marine superintendent resume.

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