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You have landed on the right page. The popularity of iOS developer jobs is primarily due to the competitive salary, high demand, and a good working environment offered by Apple. With 196,859 job opportunities in the USA, the iOS developer jobs are expected to witness a massive 21% career growth between 2018-2028.

iOS Developers are responsible for creating and maintaining smartphone applications on Apple's iOS operating system. They collaborate closely with design teams to ensure that the application is consistent with the company's brand.

Read on to learn more about the frequently asked questions related to iOS developer jobs.

What Is an iOS Developer?

An iOS developer has an expert level of knowledge of the iOS ecosystem. The iOS developers write codes to build apps for iOS-supported devices with their finesse. It includes iPad, iPhone, apple watch, and Apple TV.

iOS developers are specialists in programming languages such as C, C++, Objective-C, and Swift, which they use to create, test, and deploy Apple apps. They frequently collaborate with developers, application designers, beta testers, and other development team members.

What Does an iOS Developer Do?

An iOS developer is responsible for developing applications for iOS-supported devices, but is that it? How does that explain what does an iOS engineer do at Apple that makes it a prestigious job.

Here are some job responsibilities that you will find in iOS developer jobs:

  • Creating and designing mobile applications for Apple's iOS operating system.
  • Coordinating with the design and UX teams to manage application development features for a delightful user experience.
  • Assuring that the iOS application meets its benchmark in terms of quality and performance.
  • Identifying bugs and fixing bottlenecks in the application software.
  • Enhancing the performance of the application by creating and implementing regular updates.
  • Releasing the application on the Apple store.

What Is the Job Description of an iOS Developer?

An iOS developer job description would consist of the job summary, responsibilities, and requirements. While the iOS developer job summary will give a brief into the job outlook, the responsibilities will form the core of the job description for iOS developers.

You should always carefully go through the job description to understand the job role. Here is what you can find in a job description of an iOS developer job:

  • Building and designing iOS native and hybrid mobile applications for the company that millions of users could use.
  • Own the creation, testing, and upkeep of native SDKs and Unity on various mobile platforms, OS versions, and devices.
  • Test new features to improve application performance.
  • Work with business stakeholders to ensure that features are delivered on schedule and according to specifications.
  • Encourage the implementation of new technologies while continuing to improve and evolve the company’s existing codebase.
  • Take part in code reviews, build automated tests, and contribute to developing a technological roadmap.

What Are Similar Job Titles to iOS Developer Jobs?

iOS developers are primarily employed in the E-commerce, SaaS, and gaming industries, although they may work in any industry that requires an application. Their major role is in the development of iOS applications.

Many other jobs also share similar duties and responsibilities like an iOS developer. If you would want to expand your horizon and work in a similar job field, you can consider the following jobs:

Application Developer

An application developer creates applications for any operating system. It is here that they differ from iOS developers since the latter focus only on applications that run on iOS software. An app developer can create applications for android, iOS, and windows.

Application developers work with IT specialists to generate a design prototype that meets the customers' requirements. They need to have immense knowledge of different programming languages like Java, C++, Kotlin, Swift, Python, etc.

Mobile Application Developer

As the name suggests, mobile application developers are developers who create codes for applications that run specifically on tablets and mobile phones of the users. Mobile application developers need to be well trained to develop small-device applications.

A mobile developer is familiar with the nuances of mobile operating systems like iOS and Android and the development environment and frameworks used to produce applications for them. As app developers, mobile app developers too should know popular programming languages like Java, Swift, and Objective-C.

Android Developer

Android developers create codes that run on Android OS. Like iOS is owned by Apple, and Android is owned by Google. An android developer studies the latest technological advancements and incorporates them into building user-friendly applications.

As an android developer, you should have a strong knowledge of computer programs, writing codes, and software systems. They run the codes multiple times to test for bugs and fix them with regular updates.

There is tough competition between android developer jobs and iOS developer jobs concerning better career prospects. Both the branches are currently offering almost the same number of job opportunities to job aspirants due to high demand. There are 196,993 job opportunities available in the US to work as android developers.

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Game Developer

If you are a game lover and have some interest in knowing how codes unite to give a delightful gaming experience, this job role would fit you the best. Game developers have specialized expertise and abilities in creating and implementing dynamic and compelling game experiences.

DirectX, OpenGL, Unity 3D, WebGL, and languages like C, C++, and Java are among the frameworks utilized by game developers. The standard gaming platform for web games used to be Adobe Flash which JavaScript and HTML5 have now replaced. Swift and Java are currently the technologies of choice for iOS and Android games on mobile devices.

Web Developer

Web developers are people who create user-friendly websites. They accept the design generated by web designers and write programs to transform it into a functional website.

Web developers create products that run in browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer using web technology. Everything that you see on the web is the genius of web developers.

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Front End Developer

Everything you see on a website is the responsibility of a frontend developer, including menus, messages, pictures, navigation bars, etc.

With the help of front-end developers, the websites get a transformation in their design through various codes. Frontend developers more commonly use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in developing the codes.

Web developers may also produce content for their websites on an as-needed basis. They also look at the presentation of the texts if they are well-organized into paragraphs, headers, and sequencing for a satisfying user experience.

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Software Developer

All the profiles discussed above fall into the category of software developers. You can understand software developers are the set, and android developers, mobile app developers, iOS developers, etc., are all its subset.

Software developers are programmers who create codes so that software can run. These codes can make different types of programming languages depending on the requirement. For example, while Swift is the popular choice for iOS developers, Java is for android developers.

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How to Start a Career in iOS Developer Jobs?

iOS developer jobs are the most popular job category at the current time. To start a career in iOS developer jobs, you will need to keep in mind the following points:

Educational Degree for iOS Developer Jobs

The first and foremost requirement to become an iOS developer is to complete a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. You can always opt to pursue a master’s degree in the same area to have expert-level software development knowledge.

As per data, 73% of iOS developers hold a bachelor's degree, and 22% have a master's degree; you will stand a better chance at employment if you own a master’s degree since it is preferred by top companies too.

Skills Required for iOS Developer Jobs

As an iOS developer, your hard skills will take you ahead in your career. That is not to say soft skills play no role in your career growth. They are equally important since, as an iOS developer, you will be coordinating with other team members whenever needed.

Here is a list of skills that is crucial to landing an iOS developer job:

Hard Skills for iOS Developer Jobs Soft Skills for iOS Developer Jobs
Swift Communication
API Organization
Android Interpersonal Skills
JSON Flexibility
SDK Time Management
Knowledge of iOS Platform Collaboration
Database Knowledge Analytical Skills
Networking Teamwork
UX/UI Design Creativity
Coding Leadership Skills

Certifications for iOS Developer Jobs

Adding a certification to your educational background will improve your chances of getting considered for iOS developer jobs. Certificate courses will provide you an advantage over other candidates, so taking them is always a wise choice.

Some of the most frequent certification courses for iOS developer jobs are listed below:

Create a Resume for iOS Developer Jobs

The first thing that hiring managers will notice is your resume. As a result, you should create a resume for an iOS developer job that shows your talents and experience. You can easily bag an iOS developer job if you have a resume that represents you in front of the recruiter very well.

Make sure your resume is tailored to the iOS developer job description and includes important keywords to help your resume rank high in the Application Tracking Software (ATS) that firms use to discover the most qualified resumes.

You can apply for the iOS developer jobs online using job application portals like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc. Even if you wish to search for freelance iOS developer jobs, you can make use of these job search portals.

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Prepare for Interview for iOS Developer Jobs

Preparing for the interview is critical because your interview preparation will help you answer the questions coherently and confidently. The technical knowledge should be unbeatable in the case of an iOS developer job role.

Examining the job description is one approach to obtain a sense of the interviewers' questions during the interview. Pay attention to the keywords as you read it since they will almost certainly focus on the interviewers' queries.

Also, read about the company you are applying for to know about their working style, recent achievements, and future goals. Researching more about the company always comes in handy as it expresses your interest in working for them.

How Much Does an iOS Developer Get Paid?

An iOS developer earns $94,375 per year on average. An entry-level iOS developer with less than one year of experience can make an average total compensation of $71,081 annually.

For people who have 1-4 years of experience, the average total salary is $87,509 per year. A mid-senior iOS developer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average salary of $108,712 per year, while a senior iOS Developer with 10-19 years of experience gets a total average wage of $122,461 per year.

It is evident that the answer to, “how much do iOS developers make?” will largely depend on the years of experience you have.

Key Takeaways

An iOS developer creates applications that run on Apple’s operating system. They work together with other developers and application designers, beta testers, and other members of the development team to create an error-free user application.

Here are some important points from our discussion on iOS developer jobs that you can keep in mind while searching for an appointment:

  • An iOS developer creates user-friendly apps for various purposes, including social networking, business expansion, productivity, entertainment, and others.
  • Many job roles share the same responsibilities as an iOS developer. Some are android developer, game developer, web developer, mobile app developer, etc.
  • Before applying for a job, read the iOS developer job description and pay attention to the keywords.
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science is essential for an iOS developer job. However, having a master’s degree can give you an advantage over other candidates.
  • Getting certification and improving your hard and soft skills are great strategies to boost your chances of finding a job as an iOS developer.
  • To land iOS developer jobs, make sure your CV is ATS-friendly, and don't forget to prepare thoroughly for interviews.
  • The average iOS developer salary in the US is $94,375 annually, which increases with years of experience.

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