How much do HR managers make?

This question will arise in your mind if you are pursuing or planning to opt for a management degree in the US. Human Resource Management is one of the common niches for every BBA & MBA graduate in the United States.

HR is one of the essential pillars of a company as the HR team manages the organization's human resources and other cultural events.

According to a study, a Human Resource Manager earns $52 per hour on average in the US, and the salary range falls between $46 & $58.

The stats are lucrative and might fascinate you to join the HR community in the coming years. This reference guide has all the essential details and statistics to show you the current range of Human Resource Salary in the US and the factors affecting it.

Here, you will get answers to the following questions here:

Average Human Resource Salary in the US

The average Human Resource Manager Salary in the United States is $71,783. However, the salary figures vary based on your work experience, job location, skills, and education.

HR Salary in the US by Experience

Your employer will increase your HR salary with time like any other profession. Here you can see some recently gained human resource salary based on experience in the United States of America:

Work Experience Average HR Salary
Less than 1 year $67,949
1 to 2 years $69,096
3 to 5 years $73,992
6 to 9 years $75,226
More than 10 Years $77,179

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HR Salary in the United States by Location

Location is one of the key factors tthat affects your HR salary. A person having similar skills and education can earn more than you because of working at different locations.

You can see the difference in Human Resource Salary of a professional at different parts of the United States below:

Job Location Average HR Salary
New York, NY $84,652
Denver, CO $80,290
Charlotte, NC $74,520
Chicago, IL $73,267
Dallas, TX $71,368
Atlanta, GA $70,223
Houston, TX $69,413
Columbus, OH $64,908
Las Vegas, NV $62,962

Skills to Improve Your Human Resource Salary

You can get an entry-level Human Resource with your BBA or MBA degree and might also get a salary hike with work experience.

However, you can not get your desired HR position without acquiring modern skills and methodologies.

Considering this, we have picked some skills to boost your HR salary and make you achieve greater heights in your career exponentially:

Skills Affecting HR Specialist Salary Skills Affecting HR Specialist Salary
Organization Design Succession Planning
Talent Acquisition Talent Management
Human Resource Management Financial Modeling
Analytical Skills Workforce Analytics
Workday Management Oracle HCM

Highest Paying Companies in the US For HR Salary

The size of a company also affects the Human Resource salary. Professionals working in more prominent companies with hundreds of employees get higher salaries than those working in a startup.

Here you can see some highest Human Resource salary paying companies in the United States:

Company Name Average Human Resource Salary
Abbott $136,059
Amazon $132,026
AbbVie $131,445
EY $128,932
Dollar General $115,437
Honeywell $113,145
Nestle, USA $109,267
Lumen $107,449
Northwell Health $107,116
Amentum 106,634

Different HR Profile Titles & Their Salaries

A human resource team has different profiles according to the work and duties required in an organization.

Every HR profile has different responsibilities and gets remuneration accordingly. We have showcased some major HR profiles and their average salaries in the United States below:

Profile Title Average Human Resource Salary
Human Resource Consultant Salary $53,360 per annum
Human Resource Representative Salary $39,106 per annum
Human Resource Analyst Salary $82,243 per annum
Human Resource Administrator Salary $20.49 per hour
VP of Human Resources Salary $179,058 per annum
Human Resource Recruiter Salary $51,693 per annum
Human Resource Director Salary $90,263 per annum
Human Resource Generalist Salary $59,246 per annum
Human Resources Specialist Salary $49,459 per annum
Employee Relations Manager Salary $67,608 per annum

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Skills That Affect HR Salary in the US

Skills are the third most important factor apart from the education and experience level that can increase your HR salary in 2022.

Considering this, we are listing some effective HR skills that will help you get higher renumeration in the United States:

HR Skills HR Skills
Analytical Skills Administration Skills
Communication Skills Computer Skills
Conflict Management Customer Service
Employee Management Employee Relations
Employment & Labor Law HRIS

Factors Affecting HR Salary in the US

The HR salary in the United States varies of multiple factors. You can check out the major factors affecting HR salary in America below:

Location of Company

The location of a company is one of the vital factors affecting the human resource salary in the US. A person with the same skills, experience, and education can get higher remuneration in the country.

Hence, we advise you to apply for a company located in an IT hub in the United States. It will help you get a better HR salary than in other cities.

Size of Company

You will get a better salary if you work in an MNC or a well-established company. Start-ups and SMEs have budget issues and can not offer you the desired compensation.

Hence, we advise you to get a job in an established company if you want to get desired human resource salary in the US.

Work Experience

It is an obvious factor as everyone knows that your salary will gradually increase with the increment in your work experience in the same niche.

Extra Certifications

Most professionals start their career after graduation and do not pay attention to getting extra certifications. You can leverage such opportunities by getting additional certifications.

These certifications will make you a better choice than your competitors in your applied HR job.

How to Increase Your HR Salary

You might think that your HR salary will increase with time, but you will surely not want to see your colleague at the same position getting a better salary than you.

You can increase your Human Resource salary by following these below-given points:

Gain More Qualifications

If you have initiated your career with a bachelor’s degree, it's time to get a Master’s degree. You can enroll for a Master’s degree course in Business Administration or a similar niche to improve your worth in the HR industry.

Moreover, if you already have a Master’s degree, you can get a specialized certification to stand apart from the traditional HR professionals.

Perform Consistently

Every recruiter admires people who perform consistently well in a company. Hence, you can get a salary hike if you maintain consistent performance and provide fruitful results for your company.

Get More Responsibilities

Getting more responsibilities will allow you to communicate with your seniors. Hence, you should always be ready to accept the tasks assigned to you and expand your job responsibilities.

Seek Regular Feedback

Ask for regular feedback on your performance from your managers and colleagues. It will help you improve performance and get in frequent touch with your managers to get guidance and other benefits like company insights, growth opportunities, etc.

Acquire New Skills

Skills play a vital role in every profession. Hence, you must stay updated with the latest happenings in your industry and be ready to acquire new skills to improve your work and explore new opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Numerous professionals are struggling with salary issues in the HR industry. If you are also one of such professional, these points will help you get a higher human resource salary in 2022:

  • The HR salary varies depending on job location, work experience, skills, etc.
  • You can improve your educational qualifications to improve your Human Resource salary
  • You need to maintain consistent performance at your current position to get a salary hike
  • More work responsibilities in your service area will help make good relations with your seniors that will help you during salary increment time
  • Ask for regular feedback from your managers and colleagues to improve your work
  • Learn modern HR skills and methodologies to perform better than everyone else in your team

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