If you are a candidate who is looking to make a change in your career, this module is for you.

Now, the most probable questions that recruiters will have when they see candidates who are making a career switch are:

Why are you making this change now? Are you serious about the change? Do you have the transferable skills that are required to meet the requirements of the new job?

To win the recruiters over, you need to address these questions head-on and show your capability.

It’s a good idea to talk about your reasons for a career change when you first introduce yourself to the recruiters.

And when recruiters ask you why you chose this role or career path, you need to provide solid justification for the same.

Here are two steps you can take to win the recruiters over:

Stay Positive and Show Purpose

With your answer, you want to show the recruiter that you are not running away from your past role, rather you are looking for growth and new challenges.

Focus on talking about your reasons for the change in a positive way and show enthusiasm.

Another important part of your answer is to show a purpose behind your career change. Assure the recruiters that your decision is well thought out and stable.

The recruiters don’t want to hire someone who is just looking to explore their career options and is not serious about the role.

Focus on What You can Bring to the Table

Along with good transferable skills, you must showcase that you are passionate about the new role.

Since the recruiters will be taking a risk to hire a newbie rather than a more traditional candidate with similar experience, you need to focus on your strengths and show how you will be able to excel in the position.

Refer to the job description and analyze the requirements to know which of them can you sell as your strongest points.

You can refer to the modules on how you can sell yourself and how you can leverage the information given in the job description to your advantage.

Apart from slightly tweaking your answers to suit your case while practicing the common interview questions, you must prepare for the interviews in the same way as any other candidates.

The fundamentals for acing the interview will remain the same even if you are switching careers.

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