The art involving domestic sciences is called housekeeping.

In American schools, the subject is referred to as home economics. The practical application of this subject includes operations such as maintenance or record-keeping in an organization.

What does a housekeeper do? The housekeeping duties include taking care of a property’s general cleanliness and providing sanitary amenities to its guests or residents.

Other housekeeping duties can be specific to the housekeeper jobs you target. For example, a hotel housekeeper job description will state different requirements when compared with a hospital housekeeping job description.

One thing which is very important in any housekeeping job description is the CTA. Proper contact details should be mentioned at the end of the housekeeping job description for interested candidates to contact employers.

We have amassed housekeeping job descriptions from several job sites and curated a sample containing the most common housekeeping skills and duties.

Going ahead, we will be shedding light on the following topics, starting with:

What is Housekeeping Job?

Housekeeping is a department in an organization, responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic upkeep of rooms and surroundings.

The hospitality industry usually has a strong requirement for housekeeping staff because it is important for them to keep a spotless, tidy, and conveniently arranged space for their guests.

The effort that a housekeeping department makes has a direct bearing on the guest’s experience, evoking them to visit again.

Similar housekeeping duties fall on the shoulders of residential housekeepers. Besides the hospitality industry, professional housekeeping services are in high demand in hospitals, cruise liners, offices, and more.

Sample Housekeeper Job Description

We are willing to expand our professional housekeeping staff. We will evaluate your candidacy based on your ability to fulfill job requirements with integrity and attention to detail.

The goal is to maintain a clean and orderly environment for our guests as it is a critical factor in strengthening our reputation.

Housekeeping Duties

  • Perform cleaning activities like sweeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing
  • Maintain equipment and ensure there are no inadequacies
  • Notify superiors if faced with any damages, deficits, or disturbances
  • Deal with complaints/requests with patience and professionalism
  • Check inventory time to time and restock/replace when appropriate
  • Adhere to safety and sanitation standards at all times

Housekeeping Skill Requirement

  • Demonstrated history as a Cleaner or Housekeeper
  • Able to work with minimum supervision
  • Customer-oriented and friendly
  • Time management skills
  • Proficient in spoken and written English
  • Armed with a high-school degree or equivalent

5 Types of Housekeeper Jobs

Know the different types of housekeeper jobs available and the varied housekeeper duties that come with it:

  • Cleaner or Maid: Individuals hired by private homes and commercial sectors for basic cleaning of the property. This is a part-time job and tends to have fewer responsibilities than a regular housekeeping job.

  • Live-In Housekeeper: As part of the package, these professionals are provided with accommodation. They are in charge of cleanliness and maintenance of the complete property, also assisting with errands, cooking, child care, and security when the property is vacant.

  • Live-Out Housekeeper: With the same set of responsibilities as a live-in housekeeper, a live-out housekeeper is a popular choice for properties with confined space, and those that do not need full-time support.

  • House Manager: A housekeeper combined with house management is the next tier of support. This is a popular choice among luxury venues or residences which need additional support or have larger teams of household staff.

  • Housekeeping Companies: Companies that hire professional housekeepers and send them to properties requiring services. These companies have comparatively strict hiring conditions as your work will directly affect the company’s reputation.

Your housekeeper resume should showcase the qualities that align with your targeted profile’s job description.

Also, when applying for housekeeper jobs in hospitality or health care sectors, make sure to highlight your management and multitasking skills in your housekeeping resume.

15 Housekeeping Responsibilities in All Housekeeper Jobs

With our sample housekeeping job description, you must have developed an idea about the skills you need to fulfill housekeeping duties.

In this section, we will elaborate upon the housekeeping responsibilities that you will come across in all housekeeper jobs:


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  1. Vacuum clean or shampoo carpets, rugs, draperies, and upholstery
  2. Dust and polish furniture and fittings
  3. Realign furniture and amenities according to prescribed layout
  4. Clean (with caution) metal fixtures and fittings
  5. Dispose of trash in a sanitary manner
  6. Clean washbasins, mirrors, and tubs
  7. Delicately clean glass surfaces
  8. Operate and maintain cleaning equipment
  9. Make beds and change sheets as required
  10. Sort, wash, iron, and arrange laundry
  11. Check up on commodities required and their expenditure
  12. Clean dishes and kitchen according to agreed hygiene standards
  13. Answer telephone and take messages
  14. Monitor and report necessary repairs/replacements
  15. Report any maintenance issues or safety hazards

Reflecting on relevant skills and past experiences to fulfill these responsibilities is significant. Hence, presenting a resume that aligns with the housekeeping job description will help you bag the job you’re targeting.

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Housekeeping as a Career

Are housekeepers in demand? Yes, there is a growing demand for housekeepers in many industries and domestic setups. Though housekeepers perform the most physically demanding work, they often go unnoticed by a typical guest or employer.

Therefore, you must have no doubts about wanting to work as a housekeeper and try to work under an appreciating employer. Also, check all career options that demand similar skills to decide on the best suitable career for you before stepping into this career.

Key Takeaways

  • Housekeeping refers to managing duties and day-to-day chores of an organization or domestic setup.
  • There are five main types of housekeeper jobs: Cleaner or Maid, Live-In Housekeeper, Live-Out Housekeeper, House Manager, and Housekeeping Companies.
  • Your housekeeping resume must align with the responsibilities mentioned in your housekeeping job description.
  • Housekeeping is a physically demanding job, with management and multitasking skills. Make sure you assess yourself well before stepping into this career path.

With all our golden tips on housekeeping duties, make sure you polish your housekeeping skills and bag that job!

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