Ever helped anyone with a gadget?

You must have. But how do you list that in a document? In fact, what do you list in a document? That you helped a child with his mechanics or you helped a

If providing technical support is your forte then you are the most suitable person for the job of a help desk professional. All you need is a job opening to put your help desk resume skills to some good use.

But do you include "Critical Thinking" or "Conflict Resolution" as your help desk skills resume? Which information do you put on your cover letter for help desk?

You also need to remember that there are a number of people who apply for a professional help desk job, thus, making it a tough competition for you.

Everyone is eying to sit on the iron throne by hook or by crook. You know you are not just any normal help desk employee. If getting a help desk job is game of thrones then you definitely are its Jon Snow.

We know that too. The question here is - How would you show this to the recruiters waiting there to hire you? Claiming a job in 2019 is much difficult a task than claiming a throne. Here, you either get shortlisted or rejected (Duh! Quite Obvious)

You need not worry. Here we are to solve all your queries involved, in relation with making a professional helpdesk resume to explicitly showcase your help desk resume skills.

Before we delve into the turbulence of all these questions, let us begin with a quick overview of who a help desk professional is, and what are their responsibilities.

Moving forward, before apply for a help desk job, not only do you need a help desk resume, but you also need to know the answers to:

  • what is help desk job description
  • how to get a help desk job with no experience
  • how to get help desk experience
  • what are the basic help desk resume skills

Along with help desk resume examples, the following article shall tell you why having a professional it help desk analyst resume is important. We shall also assist you with the steps to build the same along with both free and paid help desk analyst resume templates.

Let's get started.

Why do you need a Help Desk Resume?

Every company needs help desk professionals so as to resolve any problems that their customers might face. It is very important for an organisation to ensure customer satisfaction in order to maintain a goodwill of their own in the market.

Every organisation in the US today is in need of highly professional help desk executives and if you think you have the flair for it, then no one can stop you from getting the job.

Well! Only one thing can. Not having a professional Help Desk Resume.

A professional help desk analyst resume for a Help desk expert is just like the Long Claw for Jon Snow. After all, how can a warrior win a war without a sword? (I love references & alliteration)

According to Glassdoor, there are around 14,000 job vacancies for an IT help desk professional in the US today with a salary averaging USD 60,000. All the more reason for you to have a professional help desk resume.

With the growth and advancements happening in the technological arena at a lightning fast speed, companies are dying to hire professionals who are adept in them and can help their customers by troubleshooting their problems and resolving issues.

That is why it is important for you to make a professional help desk resume to hit the bullseye.

Who needs a Help Desk Resume?

A help desk is responsible for:

  • helping customers with the expertise of technical know-how
  • providing support to end user with troubleshooting issues
  • imparting knowledge about related products through emails, chat-rooms etc.

If you are a person with a pro-level expertise in technology-related problems and can resolve customers' issues for the same, then you definitely are someone who needs a help desk resume to portray your help desk resume skills.

This is to say that the help desk profession has different requirements and needs which you must know in order to build a brilliant help desk resume.

To go forward with applying for the same and making a help desk resume, you must begin by shortlisting the top 5 recruiters who you would want to work for, keeping in consideration, their stature in the market and then follow the 3 rules for a standard research involved in the process mentioned below.

  1. Start with scavenging of LinkedIn profiles of the help desk professionals who are already in the game to know of what all certifications they have acquired for it.
  2. Further, got through all the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram observing (stalking) your potential employers to perceive what they are looking for in the recruit.
  3. The last thing you need to do is get hold of all the targeted keywords & jargons to use for the job description in your help desk resume. How this is going to help it in a tremendously well manner you will see in the article further.

How to write a Help Desk Resume?

Just to provide you with an idea of how a help desk resume should look, we have taken up the Traditional Blue template which incorporates all relevant information within a single column help desk resume sample.

This sounds great as going by the idea of colour psychology, blue provides a sense of confidence and support which will help your help desk resume stand out in the eye of the recruiters, thus, increasing your chances of getting shortlisted.

Not really going with the idea? Don't worry. you can look for other resume templates and choose one from the plethora of templates available on guide on Resume Templates.

It is preferable to create your help desk resume in the reverse-chronological order for the resume format due to its global acceptance and more professional outlook.

Using this kind of a format in your help desk resume is the first step up the ladder to get shortlisted by the recruiter for a face to face interview as this helps them to have a better flow while gazing through your help desk resume.

Always use an open sans font to match up the industry standards.

I know right? Being a professional takes a lot. Well, you got to do what you got to do.
Also, keep in mind to take care of ample spacing to provide a free look to the help desk resume. You would not want to decrease your chances of selection by making the recruiter tense their eyes while going through your resume.

Well, Well, Well, Congratulations!

With this, you have successfully completed your help desk resume format.
Let us now march further into the different sections of a help desk resume.

Help Desk Resume: Personal Details


Avoid mentioning your full address as it is quite redundant and does not go with the industry standards prevalent today.

Only mentioning your city and country information is sufficient.

Always try to keep it minimalistic and professional.

In case you are putting up a picture, try to keep it professional to reflect a reasonable impression.

Help Desk Resume: Professional Career Summary


A professional career summary is not less than a ship in the ocean. It helps the recruiter in understanding your expertise in the relevant areas to make crossing the ocean of information that is yet to come, easier.

A summary is basically a 3-5 line synopsis giving an overview of your entire career to make a long-lasting impact on the recruiters' minds.

Recruiters are busy people. They have to rest the entire day (such a tedious task) so they will not go through every line of your help desk resume.

They don't go on skimming the help desk resume, rather will just have a quick glance.

They just filter all the relevant information in 6 seconds and moves ahead with another one.

This the manual sorting system.

On the other hand, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software-driven specifically by some job/industry oriented jargons and keywords.

It is mandatory for your summary to have these qualities in order to get sorted by the ATS and help you reach to a one-on-one interview with the recruiter:

  1. Tailor your help desk resume based on the interests of the employer and not in any other whatsoever.
  2. Mention all the specific keywords listed by the recruiter to pass the ATS test.
  3. It is always recommended that you start either with the adjectives or the number of years of your experience to make your summary look strong and leave the recruiter mind boggled.
  4. The cause-effect relationship should be used in every sentence to make the recruiter understand the reason of an implementation and the quantifiable impact of it.
  5. If you have a high standard certification in the industry, put it to use immediately.

Let us look at the help desk resume sample:

If you would notice the example, the number of work experience years and adjectives are used by the candidate to start the summary to make it look versatile.

You can make the summary better using powerful words to highlight your professionalism in a better way.

In this example, we have used impacting words such as adept, armed etc.

Usage of such words is a trademark of reflecting positive assertion to create an impact on the recruiter and in turn, impress them for your benefit.

Please take note that we have used a simple job title as Help Desk Professional.

You need to be very careful by mentioning the job title.

It is not a hard and fast rule that the job title should match your current profile but it should, without arguments, be in accordance with the profile you are targeting at.

Consider that you are a mid-level help desk professional applying for a higher in-line position. You can definitely go on forward to use it as your job title to reflect what you seek.

Help Desk Resume Skills

Help desk professionals should understand technology consumers and their needs, clearly articulate this understanding while providing solutions.

Help Desk Resume: Key Skills

Let's look at the following list of help desk resume skills from an it help desk resume example.


Help Desk resume skills are a sure shot way to level up your help desk resume game. Just letting you know that consider yourself lucky to be reading this as not many knows of it.

A big number of help desk resume sample are over the net do not feature the key skills sections.

All thanks to the ATS system which has recently come into existence. The companies are still trying to get a hold of it.

Key Skills can be displayed in your help desk resume by following these basic rules: There are 3 simple rules to state your key skills:

  1. Bullets all the way! Separate every key skill with them.
  2. Key Skills section get its place just below the professional summary section
  3. Statements are redundant. Avoid them! Key skills should be in small phrases
  4. Make sure that they are going in line with the work you have done but also incorporate the keywords given by the recruiter in the job description 5.Abbreviations? REDUNDANT! They confuse the recruiters. Not suitable

As mentioned in the above image, there are many such key skills which come in accordance with the help desk resume you are making.

Help Desk Resume: Technical Skills

Help desk resumes should comprise help desk resume skills and certifications in IT project and service management frameworks like ITIL and PRINCE2.

In case you are applying for a IT help desk professional, you need to have a IT help desk resume.

In such a case, the technical skills are also very important and needs to be highlighted.

Putting your technical skills in an IT help desk resume is a must. All the software you are adept with, the databases that you know handling, the programming languages you are proficient with, it all comes under this section.

Help Desk Resume: Work Experience


The guidelines you follow while making a help desk resume exemplifies the steps you take to make a standard help desk resume:

Bullets & one-liners

The recruiters won't be merciful enough to skim through the whole of your help desk resume in depth. They are vicious people who just glaze through it in 6 - 10 seconds.

I know! it is very less, less than it takes you to frame a sentence but you got to understand it is not by choice but by conditions. There is not just your profile there but also many others that they have to go through. Well, Let's be fair here.

Now, if this is the condition then the ideal length of your help desk resume should be 2 pages.

Here, as you see there are these 2 restrictions on you, it is important that you describe your work experience in such a manner which describes all the work you have done in a single line with proper bullet points.

Doing this is beneficial as it takes less space to begin with and also makes it easier for the recruiter to go through it maintaining a proper flow.


When something is written in bold font, it really validates its importance as draws eyes towards it. This method has a very crucial role in the writing industry and the documents which are being prepared.

Everything you do from drafting letters, application forms, cover letters or even answering a question in the exams, highlighting an important phrase or word plays an important part.

Highlighting a text helps the reader to pay some extra attention to it as it is a deliberate action taken with a purpose to draw their attention towards it and showcase its worth.

The same thing applies here while writing a help desk resume as well.

Now, when you are targeting a recruiter with just 6 seconds to spare for you, it is very important to bold important words, phrases and numbers to make a long-lasting impact on them.


While going forward with structuring your work profile and putting up points in that section, you will get to see a number of points which shows a particular trait you possess.

To make a help desk resume more consistent it is recommended that all the similar points are clubbed under a single sub-section or as it is called, a single "bucket". Doing this makes the recruiter's job easy to go through your resume.

To avoid making your help desk resume look like a dump yard of chunks and chunks of information reflecting no useful meaning in particular, bucketing is the only way to go forward to make it easy for the recruiter to scan.

Don't make it difficult for the recruiter to go through your help desk resume.

If it happens so, they won't even think once before they move on to the next help desk resume!

Key Achievements

The duties you performed while working as a help desk professional is now put on the platter.

But wait a minute! think about it! Is that enough?

What truly attracts a recruiter is the list of remarkable achievements that you have added under your folds while working as a help desk professional.

Your achievements are surely gonna provide you with a better edge over the other applicants in the game.

If you don't give importance to the achievements section in specific and would try to club it with the work experience, you will fail to bring out the x-factor that the recruiter might be eying at.

For a unique portrayal of your achievements, it is important that you highlight them under a separate header under each work experience.

Give the recruiter the eye-candy they are looking for.

Always go with the right approach and do not forget to mention all the verbs under this bucket in the past tense because you have already achieved them all.

Aligning Dates & other details

Based on the extensive research involved in understanding the structure of help desk resumes and aligning them with the industry standards, the best way is to keep the company name and designation towards the left.

In the same order, the location of the workplace and dates towards the extreme right.

Hiration Pro Tip: If you face any difficulty in the alignment of dates and company details to make them fit under the same lines, no need to worry. You can always use our Resume Builder to process the help desk resume quickly and align the details in place in an easy manner.

Company Description

The recruiter with just 6 seconds in hand is a poor chap. We need to give them a benefit of doubt.

They have a gazillion of help desk professional's resume and multiple applications on their desk as they start the day. With such a lot of their heads, it is nearly impossible to spare any more time to go through details in depth.

Here, it is our duty now that we make the job of the recruiter easy. Hence, it is really needed that we give them with a brief- one line company description for all our work experience.

After all, How and why would the recruiter know which company were you working at and what does it deal with? This is a lot to expect from them.

Ok, I get it if it is a brand. But come on, being sensible here, we cannot expect them to know of each existing brand on the face of the earth. Given that now everyone calls themselves a brand.

Also, look at it this way, the recruiter sees your help desk resume but all the help desk resumes they have been through before coming to you, have a company description under every work experience and yours don't?

Rings a bell? You lost a point here.

And the question stands that why would you want to miss it in the first place?

The description of the company in your help desk resume also carries a positive impression on the recruiter proving that you value the worth of the companies that you work with.

Any kind of numbers or a related entity that quantifies something gets imprinted on the recruiter's mind.

Words are all the same (I hate saying that) but the numbers are what provides the real value in a  help desk resume.

The most exotic way to describe the company where you worked earlier or a currently working is by providing figures around the current revenue of the company and the number of employees associated with it.

This not only provides the recruiter with an idea about the company but also proves your stature of not being just any normal candidate in the lot.

Start Date and End Date

The more important it is to correctly align the date, the more it is important to mention the joining and resignation date from a company.

This is important as it provides the recruiter with the stability factor they are looking for. Mentioning such details provides the recruiter with the insight in how long did you serve the company you were working with.

Let your mind not divert from the point that we are working to give the recruiter a sigh of relief by making their work easy and smooth.

The poor recruiter should not feel perplexed with the information in the help desk resume or get aggravated by it. That would be a wrong move.

Moving forward, the exact date of joining is something that not everyone remembers, especially when a person is working in a company for a long time per say 18 years or so.

That is why the date of joining is not something which is important to be put on a help desk resume. The most accepted format is that of the month of joining followed by the corresponding year, going on to the month and the corresponding year of resignation.

Also, it is only appropriate to mention the first three letters of the month and the last 2 digits of the year in the format MM/YY.

Reverse Chronology

Reverse chronology is the most basic and widely accepted format from a long time dating back to starting ages of employment industry.

Pick even the oldest of the help desk resumes you can find. In each of it, you would see that the most recent work experience is always at the top.

This is further followed by the other jobs that you have done previously.

There are 3 particular reasons to this as to why a help desk resume should be in the reverse chronological order:

  1. Global Acceptance.
  2. ATS compliance
  3. Serves considerably as an easier job for the recruiter to scan

Numbers are Important

Being a help desk professional you must have resolved a number of customer complaints or you definitely have provided troubleshooting solutions to the clients.

And you must have documented details of every customer on a daily basis.

We understand. But you need to put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter and think for yourself.

Will they understand?

A recruiter will only get to know of the worth of your contribution only if you providing some potential figures to display that information via the help of numbers, percentage, ratio etc. Words are not your real friends here.

Grammar is important too

Always put all the one-liners by beginning them with a power verb.

Every point should be in the present continuous tense for the current company (except the key achievements buckets)

Moving downwards, for all the other work profiles you were in previously, the one-liners should begin with a power verb with all the lines in the past tense.

To take an example, for your current work experience you would say:

  • Responding to client accounts questions including billing and field service requests
  • Troubleshooting hardware, peripherals and software issues and make appropriate recommendations

For the company you have worked earlier, put them as:

  • Responded to client accounts questions including billing and field service requests
  • Troubleshoot hardware, peripherals and software issues and make appropriate recommendations

Just For a Reminder!!!

Key Achievements section will always be in the past tense as it portrays something that you have already achieved.

Help Desk Resume: Education details


After the work experience section comes the education section where all your academic information is to be put.

This also should be put in the reverse chronological order just like that in the work experience. Your recent education should be on the top followed by the course you took earlier.

Check out this example for better understanding:

Here, one important factor that you should be concerned about is that a standard help desk resume is only 2 pages long. No need to fit in all the projects and other irrelevant details here.

If you have achieved anything remarkable during your academic tenure, that information can be separately put under the section of 'Awards & Achievements'.

Help Desk Resume: Certifications & Trainings


The kind of competitive world we live in today, certifications have a crucial role to play.

There is a gamut of certifications for a professional help desk profession to acquire.
More the number of certifications portraying your diverse help desk resume skills set, more is the chance of you getting shortlisted.

The most appropriate way to go about mentioning your certifications is to put it under a separate section in the help desk resume.

Mention the certifications with the respective authority providing it and the year you received it in.

Although I believe you are intelligent enough, even though just to keep you off any perplexity, allow me to tell you this-


Don't you ever think that after the end of every training you are handed with a certification? No No No!

So in case, if you have taken certifications and also have undergone training, make it a point to put them together under the "CERTIFICATIONS AND TRAINING" section.

We are working to resolve the recruiter's problems rather increase them.

Are you still under confusion? Do you want to know more about the format in which the certifications should come? This is the solution: Guide on Certifications List on a Resume.

Hiration Pro Tip: For better coherence and to create a huge impact:Align this section in the help desk resume, just below the education section.Reverse Chronology is the best way to go!Highlight the important phrases with BOLD.

Check out the list of certifications relevant for a help desk professional here:

Help Desk Resume: Awards and Recognitions


This section is what we were talking about earlier. Any remarkable achievements of yours during your college time or prior to that while working for an organization will come here.

This includes any title you received in any work profile for your excellence or any academic pursuit of yours.

But remember, this should also be something which strengthens your help desk resume. Align it in that manner and avoid unnecessary details.

Follow reverse chronological order, mention the event or the competition you won the award for, followed by the year in which you got it.

Help Desk Resume: Co-Curricular Achievements


This is the second last section in the help desk resume.

Yes! That's right! You are just there at the edge of completing your professional help desk resume.

This section of your help desk resume contains all the details of any achievements that you secured outside the work proficiency arena.

Everything from sports to extra- curricular activities, if you have anything, just put it here.

Help Desk Resume: Additional Information


The End is Here!

This is the last section. You made it. A pat deserving performance that was.

This section includes all the other information like languages, hobbies, interests in general etc.

And you are done!

Help Desk Resume: Bypassing the ATS

ATS is an abbreviation used for the Applicant Tracking System.

Now, this particular software is designed to help the recruiters.

How? Let me tell you.

ATS is a specially designed software which oversees the first round of rejections before the shortlisted resumes could reach the recruiter for manual shortlisting.

As per the data received from a recent research conducted, more than 75% of the company recruitments involve the usage of ATS to prevent any a sorting headache.

So to reach a human recruiter's desk, your help desk resume needs to cross this so-called hurdle of a machine.

Don't you worry, child! We have got a plan for you.
Let us see what all can be done to win over this machine software.

ATS works on keywords

An ATS works based upon a specific list of keywords which are fed to it manually by the employer.

Now, these keywords are nothing to be afraid of. They are just some bunch of words used in certain job descriptions or are some industry-specific jargons and terms.

So what you got to do about it?

Put those keywords in your help desk resume and just get over that machine. (Huh, thinks it can beat a human laugh)

Did it make you recollect the research that we asked you to conduct in the beginning?

Tailor your help desk resume to your target job

Let's face it, you are probably going to make just one help desk resume and that would be it.

But the point is that you can not use it for every company or any job there is.

A help desk resume prepared on a pre-defined pattern will only get you a few numbers of interviews.

But, if you really are passionate about your work and what to reflect an outstanding persona, the help desk resume that you are making should be tailored in a way that it fulfils all the requirements of the targeted company.

And believe us when we say that, this is something you don't need to write a lot of resumes for.

All you have to do is use the research that you did earlier as mentioned at the beginning of this article. Just tweak the help desk resume skills section and the summary to incline it towards a particular job description.

This the only reason why to start anything, a thorough research is something we also focused upon, in the very beginning.

Research plays a crucial role to help you make a help desk resume for yourself.

Formatting a help desk resume

  • As per the industry standards, circular bullets are the most professional symbol to use in help desk resume while putting up a point and not anything arbitrary. ATS is also designed to scan only these bullets.
  • Use a plain open sans font with a font size not less than 10 points. It should be good to be readable for the recruiter. Use fonts such as Calibri, Arial etc.
  • Reverse chronological order is the only way to put the dates in the proper order.

No Abbreviations

The profile you are targeting for incorporates a lot of technological jargons in relation to software, product details etc.

To keep your help desk resume full proof and avoid any discrepancy, it is advised to use full forms even if this means expanding even a long abbreviation and you can out the abbreviated thing in a bracket to make it understandable for the recruiter.

Actually, why it is recommended to do so because none of us knows how the ATS is actually designed. It may have been fed with the information of eliminating the help desk resume with a lot of abbreviations in them.

Key Takeaways

  • Put all the key skills in the help desk resume in accordance with, keeping in mind the ATS compliance and other important factors.
  • The professional help desk resume summary should be assertive and between 3-5 lines.
  • Follow a reverse chronology for each section from work experience to education and certifications.
  • To end with, Say NO to abbreviations.

For help desk resume summary help you may always reach out to us or use Hiration's content templates.

Hang on for a minute, this is not where it all ends. You made your help desk resume and that is it? (You really know nothing, Jon Snow! sigh)

To fight a battle and win it first you need to indulge yourself in one.

As soon as you are done with your help desk resume in its entirety, you need to look for job applications to apply for. Visit our Guide on Best Job Sites. And choose the battle you want. to fight. I mean the job you want to apply for!

All the Best in your endeavours, you sweet summer children!

In case you face any query, put your comments below (sending a raven would not be a viable option as the winter is here!). The grand maester would be happy to take the queries and help you through it