As an aspiring AutoCAD technician, crafting a well-written resume is the first step in securing an entry-level position in the field.

Your resume should showcase your technical expertise, attention to detail, and ability to work independently or as part of a team.

This document should also highlight your proficiency in AutoCAD software, as well as your relevant education, certifications, and any relevant professional experience.

In this article, we provide you with an example of an entry-level AutoCAD technician resume that can serve as a guide as you create your own.

Entry-Level AutoCAD Technician Resume Sample

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Mike Jordan
AutoCAD Technician
Detail-oriented AutoCAD technician adept at developing high quality & cutting edge 3D & 2D arts including the creation of visual elements such as modeling, mapping, texturing, etc. Gained hands-on experience in designing graphics & animations for social media and marketing collateral. Skilled in executing projects & fulfilling client requirements while ensuring 100% quality.
3D Animation 3D Modeling & Designing Mapping & Texturing Graphics Development • Illustrations
• Market Research • System & Presentation Designing • UI Designing • Project Management
Technical Skills: AutoCAD, 3D Slash, Rhino3D, LightWave 3D, Maya, Adobe Suite
AutoCAD Technician
Motion Enterprise
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    Model Designing & Product Delivery
    • Collaborating with engineers, draftsmen, and designers to review blueprints and design drawings
    • Creating, editing, and designing electrical, structural, and control drawings to meet specifications utilizing CAD
    • Performing a key role in inputting design specifications into the CAD software while ensuring compliance with design policies
    • Assisting in final model rendering & delivering products and concurrently generating reports to present the findings to the management
    Client Servicing & Process Improvement
    • Coordinating with 5+ clients to review projects, collaborate on design ideas & suggesting new ways for project improvement
    • Devising surface & solid CAD models according to the client specifications and making minor adjustments based on the client's feedback
    2D & 3D Artist
    GameWorld Technologies
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      Modeling & Animation
      • Conceptualized, designed, and implemented in-game visual effects such as modeling, texturing, animating, and lighting
      • Produced high-quality texture content and other related maps/images for mapping on 3D objects for GameWorld
      UI Designing & Art Production Pipeline
      • Formed character concepts, environments & backgrounds and designed the interface for 5+ games
      • Played a key role in creating the art pipeline while understanding target platform constraints
      Client Interaction
      • Interacted with 10+ clients and created textures, illustrations, and concepts based on their project needs
      • Coordinated with the managers to ensure that the quality meets the client's expectations; achieved 100% satisfaction
      A.S. Degree in Drafting and Design CADD/CAM Technology
      Palomar College
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        • Cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0
        • Course Modules:
        • AutoCAD I & II | SolidWorks I & II | Creo I & II | CNC Machining MasterCam I & II
        • Member of ChildTrust NGO | Jun '19 - Present
        • Assisting in developing & implementing a social media strategy while communicating with direct and indirect beneficiaries
        • Liaising with 5 other volunteers to develop a marketing strategy for the partner organizations

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