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Emergency Medical Technician Resume for Freshers

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Jonathan Collin
Emergency Medical Technician
Patient-oriented EMT professional offering critical care to patients by responding to emergency calls and conducting prehospital treatment. Proficient in maintaining confidential patient records and directing them to suitable medical professionals. Adept at inspecting medical equipment and keeping track of inventories required by health care facilities.
• Emergency Care • Patient Care • Equipment Sterilization • Ambulatory Assistance
• Prehospital Treatment • Record Management • Medical Assistance • Documentation • Inventory Management
Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Administration| Emergency Care Emphasis
Utah Valley University
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    • Cumulative GPA: 3.6/4.0 | Dean's List for 2 semesters
    • Relevant Coursework:
    • Principles of Management for the Emergency Services | Psychology of Emergency Services | Personal Health and Wellness
    • Introduction to Emergency Services Leadership | Trauma Patient Care |Community Emergency Preparedness
    • Cardiac and Respiratory Patient Care | Emergency Services Capstone WE | Public Administration for the Emergency Services
    EMT Intern
    Shine Bright Medical Center
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      Patient Care & Administration
      • Assisted doctors by maintaining portfolios of patients and performing screening tests for 25+ patients daily
      • Initiated prehospital treatment in accordance with established standards for critical patients
      • Sterilized 200+ medical equipment effectively to ensure cleanliness and prevent infections by adhering to FDA guidelines
      Vehicle Inspection & Communication
      • Responded to 50+ emergency calls daily and assisted in ambulatory transfer of patients from a place of incident to hospitals
      • Inspected vehicles and equipment to update maintenance logs while reporting relevant concerns to authorities
      • Acted as the first point of contact between patients and hospital staff to ensure smooth flow of patient care
      Clinical Support Services Intern
      North Bay Healthcare
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        Information Collection & Documentation
        • Maintained confidential records of 200+ patients requiring emergency care treatment and directed them to appropriate doctors
        • Rendered assistance to 50+ patients daily, including scheduling, verifying, and offering technical assistance for hospital visits
        • Served as a liaison to facilitate the exchange of information between clinicians and patients to ensure clear communication
        Laboratory Specimen Maintenance & Supply Management
        • Prepared lab requisitions for lab samples in accordance with the necessary laboratory requirements
        • Collected and ordered 300+ supplies ensuring that the required equipment was properly restocked in all work areas
        • Coordinated with 10+ staff to review crash cart supplies and notified concerned team about expired emergency medications
        • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) | American Heart Association | May 2022
        Member of the UVU Soccer Team
        • Trained with 20+ team members for inter-collegiate Soccer Championship and came first runner-up in November 2022
        Member of UVU Public Relations Team
        • Organized ~15 events and headed 10+ Green Team Meetings to brainstorm ideas and gather feedback to enhance campus activities
        Volunteer at Community Health Connect | Orem, UT
        • Collaborated with 20+ volunteers to raise USD 30,000+ for vaccinations, body check-ups & Covid testing for all citizens

        • Summary: Your summary is your elevator pitch, a concise overview of your emergency medical technician skills, experience, and career goals. It provides recruiters with an instant snapshot of your qualifications.

        • Key Skills: Highlight your core emergency medical technician skills, such as emergency response, patient assessment, and medical procedures. This section helps employers quickly identify your relevant competencies.

        • Education: List your educational background, including your emergency medical technician certification program and any related degrees or coursework. This demonstrates your foundational knowledge and commitment to professional development.

        • Internships: Detail any hands-on experience gained through internships or clinical rotations. Showcase the practical skills you acquired and the real-world scenarios you encountered during your training.

        • Certifications: Include all relevant certifications, such as CPR, ACLS, and PALS. These credentials validate your expertise and commitment to upholding the highest standards of emergency medical care.

        • Campus Involvement: Highlight any emergency medical technician-related activities or leadership roles you held during your time on campus. This demonstrates your proactive engagement in the field and your ability to work effectively in a team.

        • Volunteer Experience: Describe any volunteer work you have done, especially in medical or emergency settings. It showcases your dedication to helping others and your willingness to contribute to your community.

        Remember, tailoring each section to emphasize your unique strengths and experiences will make your emergency medical technician resume stand out and increase your chances of landing your desired role.

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