The demand for cyber security experts is increasing continuously with global technology advancement.

Currently, more than 4.1 million cyber security professionals are working in the United States. Young graduates are fascinated with this profile as it offers lucrative compensation and has many opportunities in the future.

So, if you are interested in becoming a cyber security professional in 2022, you might be looking for information related to the cyber security analyst salary in the United States.

We have tried to mention every essential detail regarding information security analyst salary in the US below.

Here we have elaborated majorly on:

Average Cyber Security Salary

The Cyber Security Average Salary in America is $102,190 annually. The entry-level Cyber Security Analyst salary starts somewhere around $80,070. After getting the required experience, Cyber Security Experts get $140,064 per year.

Cyber Security Analyst Salary by Region in the US

Take a look at the information security analyst salary difference in different regions of the United States. We recommend you choose a prominent region of the country to get the best Cyber Security Analyst salary.

City Name Average Cyber Security Analyst Salary
California $122,850
Michigan $120,613
Washington $119,250
Maryland $118,283
Alabama $116,946
Colorado $113,400
Virginia $109,860
Delaware $108,500
Arizona $104,307
Oregon $103,350
Illinois $101,675
Georgia $100,213
Oklahoma $100,000
New York $100,000
Florida $97,988
Massachusetts $96,038
South Carolina $95,500
New Jersey $92,625
Texas $92,625
North Carolina $90,000
Missouri $89,700
New Mexico $89,629
Pennsylvania $85,000
Ohio $82,500
Arkansas $79,050
Wisconsin $78,634
Hawaii $78,198
Minnesota $60,450
Utah $58,517

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Related Cyber Security Analyst Profiles With Salaries in the US

Here are some profiles related to Cyber Security Analysts and their salaries. The below-given table portrays the solid financial status of Cyber Security experts compared to other similar jobs in the country.

Profile Title Average Annual Salary
Security Engineer $119,831
Network Engineer $99,989
Security Analyst $92,463
Systems Analyst $82,770
Systems Administrator $80,000
IT Analyst $76,750
Consultant $69,370
Protection Specialist $57,815
Investigator $55,251
Operations Specialist $46,429

How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst?

You can start your Cyber Security professional journey even after high school. However, you will need to study and practice to become an efficient Cyber Security Analyst in 2022.

You can follow these below-given steps to become a Cyber Security expert in the United States:

Enroll for a Computer Science Degree

You can not be a Cyber Security expert without a computer science degree, as you must know the fundamental network architecture and programming languages to get started. Hence, we recommend enrolling in a computer science degree course after graduation from high school.

Top 10 Computer Science Colleges in America

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University | Stanford, CA
  • Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, PA
  • California Institute of Technology | Pasadena, CA
  • Princeton University | Princeton, NJ
  • Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA
  • Harvard University | Cambridge, MA
  • Yale University | New Haven, CT
  • Duke University | Durham, NC
  • Columbia University | New York, NY

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Gain Basic Knowledge of Cyber Security

You can get fundamental knowledge of cyber security while pursuing your degree course. It will give you a clear idea about your compatibility with the cybersecurity career niche. Hence, we advise you to read and understand cybersecurity concepts as much as possible during your bachelor’s degree course.

Get Cyber Security Certifications

After completing your degree course, you can get a cybersecurity certificate before applying for a job. A cybersecurity certificate will make your job application stand apart from the crowd of other applicants and improve your shortlisting chances.

You can choose any of these cybersecurity certifications to kick start your professional journey:

Top 10 Cyber Security Certifications

Search for a Job & Apply With a Professional Resume

When you are equipped with modern cybersecurity knowledge and certificates, you can leverage online career-building platforms like Indeed & Glassdoor to find remote cyber security jobs.

Once you find a suitable opportunity, you can read the job description with a focused mind and craft a cybersecurity resume aligned with that.

Factors Affecting Cyber Security Analyst Salary

Cyber security analyst salaries can vary based on different factors. Below, you can check out some fundamental factors that determine a network analyst salary in the United States:

Company Location

The location of your targeted company is the first factor that can affect your network analyst salary. It is so because the cost of living and any financial expenses in various geographical locations differ from each other. Hence, we recommend choosing an IT-centered city while applying for cyber security jobs.

Education Level

Most people start their careers after getting a bachelor’s degree. Hence, if you have a Master’s degree, you will be technically stronger than most competitors. Moreover, your employer will also not mind increasing your IT cyber security salary if you have a Master’s degree.

Work Experience

To bag a job that pays a higher data security analyst salary, you need to possess professional work experience. Hiring managers consider experienced professionals to be efficient because they have a better understanding of data mining and analysis with years of hand-on experience.

Hence, if you are seeking jobs that pay higher salary you need to gain some relevant experience in the stated field and be recognized as an established professional who deserves higher paychecks.

Company Size

Company size matters a lot in case of determining a cyber security salary. You will get better compensation at more prominent companies than startups or SMEs.

Hiration pro tip:

We recommend you earn certifications and improve your profile centric skills to get the best in market salary of your profession.

Key Takeaways

Getting a higher cybersecurity analyst salary package is not easy. You must have modern cyber security skills and be prepared to tackle any security beach to qualify for a salary hike.

If you are interested in becoming a cyber security expert, these steps will help you find the way:

  • Enroll for a computer science degree from a recognized college or university
  • Strengthen your fundamentals of cyber security while pursuing your degree course
  • Get a cyber security certification to beat your competitors in the recruitment process
  • Search for a cyber security job and apply with a professional resume and a cover letter

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