In the digital age, where data breaches and cyber threats are a constant concern, the role of a cyber intelligence analyst has never been more vital.

If you're a student aspiring to make your mark in this dynamic field, the first step is crafting a standout resume.

This is your guide to building a robust cyber intelligence analyst resume specifically tailored to students' unique strengths and aspirations.

We'll explore essential strategies, from highlighting relevant coursework to showcasing practical experience, to help you capture the attention of prospective employers. Let's get started!

Cyber Intelligence Analyst Resume for Students

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Mindy Iglesias
Cyber Intelligence Analyst
Risk Assessment Audit • Access Control • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing • Website Security
• Malware Removal • Website Development • Prototype Designing Client Servicing
Technical Skills: Python, HTTP, CSS, tcpdump, Wireshark, WordPress
Language: English (native), French (intermediate)
Cyber Security Course
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    • Relevant Coursework:
    • Introduction and Operating Systems | Network and Routing Protocols | Network Admin | Network Security
    • Malware Analysis | Digital Forensics | Ethical Hacking and Incident Response | Risk Management and Threat Intelligence
    Applied Computer Science with Cyber Security Minor
    Oregon State University
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      • GPA: 3.5/4.0
      • Member of the OSU Security Club | Jul '18 - May '20
      • Project 1: Network Analysis for a Local Business | Tech Stack: Wireshark, HTTP, CSS, tcpdump | Live | Apr '21 - Jun '21
      • Developed a packet analysis tool via HTML and CSS to examine network packets sent and received by the organization
      • Submitted an analysis report to the faculty member and outlined the whole process with diagrams
      • Project 2: Password Manager Tool | Tech Stack: Python, Robot Framework | Live | Apr '20 - Jul '20
      • Created an Android tool via Python that suggests strong passwords and stored passwords on the cloud automatically
      • Published the tool on the Google Play Store and received 50,000+ downloads
      Cyber Threat Analyst
      Quo Intelligence Ltd.
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        Risk Assessment & Access Monitoring
        • Assisted with end-to-end analysis process while monitoring system access controls to mitigate unauthorized access
        • Executed risk assessment audits under the guidance of senior analysts to ensure compliance with the security standards
        Vulnerability Testing
        • Experimented with multiple vulnerability scanning technologies and packages to identify new tools and techniques
        • Liaised with analysts to conduct vulnerability assessment & penetration testing (VAPT) to identify threats on cloud applications
        Freelance Website Developer
        UpWork Inc.
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          Website Development & Prototype Designing
          • Collaborated with UI designers and copywriters to develop engaging websites for the clients within stipulated time frames
          • Designed user-friendly website layout and integrated various plugins to improve the website speed and user experience
          • Prepared ~3 prototypes for each client and incorporated their feedback on the final website delivery
          Website Security & Malware Removal
          • Installed WordPress plugins as part of enhancing data security by 95% by complying with website safety protocols
          • Analyzed compromised websites for malware and removed it manually for restoring website functions
          • Received a 4-star client review on UpWork while maintaining a 98% client service rating
          • Member of the Silver Lining Children NGO | Corvallis, OR | Jul '19 - Dec '20
          • Taught Mathematics and English to 50+ children-at-risk on weekends

          In this cyber intelligence analyst resume, the candidate demonstrates a comprehensive skill set and a strong technical foundation.

          Their skills encompass risk assessment, access control, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing, making them well-equipped for the dynamic world of cybersecurity.

          Proficiency in technical tools like Python, HTTP, CSS, tcpdump, and Wireshark, coupled with language versatility in English and French, highlights their adaptability and communication capabilities.

          The candidate's coursework underscores their dedication to mastering core subjects such as network administration, security protocols, malware analysis, and ethical hacking. These foundational courses serve as a solid knowledge base, reinforcing their suitability for the role.

          The provided project details showcase their practical application of skills, from developing packet analysis tools to creating a popular password manager tool.

          These projects demonstrate not only technical prowess but also the ability to communicate complex concepts effectively.

          Additionally, the sections on "Additional Experience" and "Extracurricular Activities" play a pivotal role in this resume.

          They provide a glimpse into the candidate's holistic development, emphasizing their commitment to continuous learning, leadership, and community engagement. These sections serve as valuable additions, illustrating the candidate's well-roundedness and making them a compelling choice for prospective employers.

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