There are just 3 responses to a creative design: Yes, No and Wow!

This is the crux of the creative design world, isn't it?

Whatever your design may be, it can elicit these 3 responses. There is no other way out.

Same holds true for resume design.

What kind of a reaction do you want from the reader of your resume - Yes, No...or Wow?

Today, we'll focus on the last one. Let's get a WOW from the recruiter going through your resume, eh?

Thank god you do not have to be a designer to create a creative resume template.

We thought we'd save you endless time and trouble by compiling some of the best creative resume templates for you.

This article will take you through some amazing creative resume templates, with complete samples and examples, so you have what the recruiters are looking for.

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Creative Resume Template Design - A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  1. A Creative Resume Template should render a lot of flexibility to incorporate information
  2. A Creative Resume Template should showcase crystal clear information without cramming it with information
  3. A Creative Resume Template should be different from the pile of resumes out there but should not look like it was made by a toddler
  4. A Creative Resume Template should be peppy and not dull
  5. Sections and headings in a Creative Resume Template play an important role

When to use Creative Resume Templates?

Using a Creative Resume Template - Where are you applying?

Creativity in a resume becomes really important for certain industries and certain aspects.

For example, when you are applying to an advertising firm for the job of, say, a graphic designer, then this template comes handy.

Infact, a non-creative dull resume will not take anywhere when applying in a creative field.

Also, in fields like visual arts, theatre, advertising agencies, fashion and even marketing communications; creativity in the resume matters.

But for say banking industry, this template is not the correct option. Even if it is, it has to be on the lower end of creativity!

A creative resume speaks volumes about your creativity and can render a lot of brownie points from the recruiter.

Recruiters in the creative industry have an eye on design. That is why applying through a design less resume is asking for a rejection.

Do not use a Creative Resume Template - if there are specifications in the JD

Creativity might just backfire sometimes specifically when the recruiter is defining what he/she wants to see on the resume.

If there are specifications laid out to use a particular font size and layout then it is understood that your creativity does not matter.

In this case, a simple regular resume template would help you to get through the process.

Simple Creative Resume Template is an Oxymoron!

Still, it is important not to use a creative resume template for visual entertainment.

It is good to be creative yet being simple and original.

Simplicity can be adopted just by following these basic rules in a creative resume template:

  1. Clarity of date wise professional journey
  2. Major accomplishments in your career
  3. Education details with dates mentioned
  4. keywords are important to clear ATS

To avoid annoying the 6-seconds recruiter, make sure you are abiding by these basic rules in your creative resume template.

Let us face the machine monster - the ATS!

You have to kill it. We understand. You are doing everything possible to present the best ever resume a recruiter could come across.

But what if there is an elimination software sitting between you and the recruiter?

Yes, Applicant Tracking System is a software deployed by many big firms to do the first round elimination on the basis of tracking keywords.

So essentially, creativity would take a back seat if your resume misses out on basic keywords which the ATS is looking for.

Keywords are taken from the job description of the recruiter and shall be aligned with your current work experience.

In fact ATS would look for exact word for word matching keywords.

So be careful while applying through a creative resume template format.

How much creativity in a resume is too much?

This is a subjective question.

For some people, a very simple resume is creative enough. Because they find creativity in being as plain as possible.

For some others, resume literally becomes a canvas for colors.

Candidates literally take creativity game to a new height by building the resume using bedsheet prints, dress designs and what not making them look like design disaster.

Sometimes a fabric is used in place of paper to display creativity and ask for undivided attention!

But there are yet others who use creativity brilliantly and never fail to impress the recruiters. You can see such examples on "13 insanely cool resumes: Business Insider"

In all the cases, just remember these 3 tips:-

  1. Resume can have a decent a collaboration of colors. But it certainly does not mean that it has to be colorful.
  2. Depending upon your professional field, creativity can be rendered accordingly. For a graphic designer, good amount of creativity goes a long way. It does not hold true for a Finance professional.
  3. Heck! you can ask for an opinion of a recruiter in your network to give an honest feedback. But still, go with your own instincts!

Creative Resume Templates 2018

Let us check out some of the brilliant creative resume templates present on the web and some made by our own designers.

You would surely pick up one of these today!

Pink Accents creative resume


This resume template speaks volumes of sophistication in style using subtle shades of pink and apt space for display of information.

You can get a link to this resume template here.

Gradient Green Creative Resume by Hiration


Out of the lot of resume templates that we own, we particularly like to this one.

Reason being, it never fails a candidate in landing the interview.

The aesthetically beautiful green shade highlights the angular headings which render clarity of information.

There is a strong impact of typographic composition used and attention to details given.

Condensed typography usage in displaying the name attracts the recruiter.

We are pretty sure, this green beauty will take you to many interviews in the coming future.

Use this link to start making your resume today using this brilliant template.

Black, Pink & white Creative Resume Template


This creative resume template by Botanica Paperie offers a connection of pink shades mixed with old world resume charm of black and white.

With a graphical background display, this resume template has a swag of its own and lends enough creativity without disturbing the information provided.

This creative resume can be found here.

Minimalist Black & White Creative Resume Template


This design caters to people who are not applying for the creative field but are still ready to showcase some creativity.

It lends clear information with clever usage of white space and stands out among the pile of resumes.

This creative resume template can be found here.

Floral Creative Resume Design Template


The creative resume template by hipster is easy to edit and print and is perfect for someone in love with bold contrasts.

The unorthodox approach towards using bold black headers & floral designs gives a very solid and concrete impression about your work experience.

Clever display of initials and unusual font used for the name is a catch in the eye.

This resume template shall definitely give you an interview call.

This creative resume template can be found here.

Trendy Design by Hiration


This is an apt example of how one can play with colors and symbols to be launched in the resume and win the recruiter's heart.


This resume template word makes use of symbols and colors like no other template.
Content is displayed wisely by putting Summary, key skills, certifications and conferences on the right-hand side column while the left-hand side is reserved for reverse chronological display of work experience. The color combination really catches reader's attention.


This resume template word format uses a double column format. It uses ample amount of white space to render the high amount of readability.


The theme used in this resume template word format deploys white color for the entire template. Ample white space gives oodles of sophistication to your resume and use of symbols for each heading gives it a unique selling point unmatched with other templates.

Font Colour & Type

We have used Open Sans in this resume template word format again. The black font color has been used throughout the resume template word and only your name is highlighted in Pink color.

Deco Geometrics & Dramatic Header in a Creative Resume Template


This resume template employs one of the very famous and influential art patterns in art history of 1920's and 1930's, i.e. Geo Deco architecture.

Precise and clear lines give an artistic feel to your resume.

The name header pops out and showcases the initials in an overly stylish way.

Stylish font usage in all the headings gives a distinguished look to the resume template.

This resume template easily captures technical information in a crisp fashion.

Space for the picture is cherry on the cake.

This creative resume template can be found here.

Orange Twist Resume Template by Hiration



Displays key sections like resume summary, skills and work experience on the top after personal information. Information does not come across as loaded and rather gives a user-friendly experience.


This resume template word format uses a single column format displaying all the sections like Key Summary, Key Skills, Professional Experience, Education, Internships and others.


The theme used in this resume template word format deploys an elegant usage of orange shade for the document header background and body headings. Orange color makes the resume stand out in the plethora of dull resumes out there. At the same time, this format does not over-do the color and keeps it simple yet creative.

Font Colour & Type

We have used Open Sans in this resume template word format again. You can play with other fonts as well.

Visit our Guide on Fonts For Resume Template Word

Culinary Theme resume template by Behance


We guess you must have figured out what this resume template is all about.

With a quirky display of different food items like mushrooms, bread, etc. its is template par excellence for the culinary world.

This creative resume template completely hones the relationship between a chef and food.

This creative resume template design can be found here.

Space-it-out by Mikha Makhoul


This resume is a creative designer dream with a perpetual quest to bring forth the block usage and contrasting black and whites for ample clarity.

Laconique Resume Template


There is something about this resume design which finds itself deeply rooted in mid 20th century.

A minimalistic approach is taken by accenting the resume with a vertical architecture.

This creative resume template can be found here.

Resume in Black by Vincenzo Castro


This bold and powerful resume design template surely gets you that interview you have been dreaming about.

Walking the road less traveled, this resume embraces the total black theme and positively displays operating system art design.

Condensed typography used for all headings enhances the artistic value of the resume.

This creative resume template can be found here.

Professional Black Resume Template by Hiration



This resume template employs same features as Traditional Blue resume template word, it has an added feature of putting the initials of your name in the signature section.


This resume template has a double column format to highlight multiple aspects of your resume.

The dated sections such as Professional Experience and Education are present on the right with more width to incorporate bullet points around the work experience.

The miscellaneous sections along with the Summary and Key Skills sections are in the narrower lefthand side column.


This resume design comprises various shades of gray including black and white to clearly highlight different parts of your resume. Moreover, the use of dashed borders has been done to highlight intra-section separation

Font Colour & Type

Since this template is made to incorporate a lot of text, the use of white spacing has been done very cleverly to give a spacious feel to the resume. The best thing is that you'll be able to write all your content in the resume, without cramping it!

Once you are done with selecting the appropriate creative resume template, it is time to apply for the right jobs. Visit our article on Best Job Sites.

What you can learn from Resume template Designs

  1. Headers are important. Make them pop with the usage of bright color.
  2. Color contrasts are important. Go soft with a lot of whites, pinks, and blues if you do not consider yourself a designer.
  3. Use a good font which makes the text readable on an otherwise design heavy template
  4. Ample spacing should be used between the sections to give a spacious feeling.

How to Print a Creative Resume Template?

Once you have landed your dream interview, it is time to turn up with your ultra modern resume.

But wait, we sincerely hope you are not thinking of taking up the normal paper print.

Specially designed resume with so many efforts would go waste on a normal paper.

You must use textured paper in white or cream color with a light self-texture to showcase craftsmanship and enhance the designing bit.

For those who are good in design, you folks can find terrific creative resume templates here.

Key Takeaways

  1. Stick to roots and be simple if your recruiter has laid resume specifications in word format.
  2. Use creativity depending upon where and what profile you are applying for.
  3. Do not miss out on important information like key skills while drafting. Be careful of ATS compliance.
  4. Use textured paper with self-design for printing
  5. PDF file format is the best and most acceptable format globally.