Aspiring law students, listen up! Your journey into the legal world is about to kick off, and your resume is your passport.

Whether you're eyeing internships or aiming for that crucial entry-level position, crafting an impeccable resume is the first step to opening the doors of opportunity.

In the ever-evolving field of corporate law, standing out is not an option; it's a necessity. That's where our expertise comes in.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to craft a winning corporate law resume tailored specifically for the year 2023.

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Corporate Law Resume for Students

Tips & Guides
Salvatore Poole
Corporate Legal Associate
Result-oriented & enterprising law professional proficient in conducting exhaustive legal research and preparing engaging data-driven reports to enable effective decision-making. Possesses an understanding of licensing, copyright, precedent management. CSR and business law. Gained hands-on experience in drafting and vetting diverse legal documents such as contracts, agreements, NDAs for multi-million dollar clients.
• Corporate Law • Legal Survey & Documentation • Legal Opinion & Briefing • Due Diligence • Legal Research
Client Relationship Management Agreement Drafting • Legal Trend Analysis • Document Review
Technical Skill: Microsoft Office Suite
Legal Associate - Intern
Schwartz Law
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    A international law firm with a presence in 50+ countries and a network of over 5k employees
    Legal Documentation
    • Played a key role in reviewing agreements, internal policies & deeds, etc. to ensure legal and statutory compliance
    • Drafted 5 contracts, 10+ policies (valuation ~USD 50 million) under the senior Legal Associate's supervision
    • Assisted in drafting the shareholders' agreement for a leading e-commerce startup for their $ 10 M fundraise
    Trend Analysis & Research
    • Researched, and analyzed copyright cases of the last 5 years to identify trends for the accurate decision-making
    • Conducted research on legal issues pertaining to taxation, and constitutional law while assisting in drafting briefs
    Due Diligence
    • Conducted due diligence of company worth USD 50 million in accordance with the senior Legal Associate's guidance
    • Coordinated with the Senior Associate to conduct 5+ due diligence (D.D.) & prepared comprehensive D.D. reports
    Corporate Lawyer - Intern
    Hamlin and McGill
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      An international law firm founded in 1934 & currently employs approximately 2,600 attorneys in the United States, Canada, & Asia
      Document Review & Legal Briefing
      • Prepared legal briefs and opinions to streamline day-to-day functioning & ensure compliance for 3 corporate clients
      • Gained in-depth knowledge of providing feedback & tracking status of the CSR report during monthly meetings
      • Assisted in reviewing & editing software licenses, legal guidelines & other contracts, and internally used reference materials
      • Aided in reviewing miscellaneous and guideline documents as additional source materials and supporting documents
      Juris Doctor
      University of British Columbia
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        • GPA: 3.2/4
        • Course Modules:
        • Criminal Law & Procedure | Property Law | Transnational Law | Introduction to Public Law & the Charter
        • Legal Research & Writing | Aboriginal & Treaty Rights | Jurisprudence and Critical Perspectives
        • Ethics and Professionalism | Administrative Law | Federalism
        • Editor| Trek Magazine | University of British Columbia | Jan '19 - Jan '20
        • Languages: English (Fluent), and French (Intermediate)

        Profile Summary

        Your resume should speak volumes about your capabilities and achievements, setting you apart from the competition.

        Begin with a powerful summary that encapsulates your expertise and skills. Showcase your proficiency in areas such as corporate law, legal research, and documentation, along with technical skills like Microsoft Office Suite proficiency.

        Potential employers need to see at a glance what you bring to the table, and this summary serves as your elevator pitch.

        Practical Experience

        Don't forget to highlight your practical experience gained through internships. Describe your contributions and accomplishments, such as conducting legal research, drafting contracts, and assisting in due diligence.

        This tangible experience demonstrates your readiness to take on real-world legal challenges.

        Educational Background

        Moreover, your educational background provides context for your skills and experiences.

        Mention your coursework, emphasizing relevant subjects like Criminal Law, Transnational Law, and Legal Research & Writing. Your GPA also gives employers an idea of your academic performance.

        Additional Fields

        Lastly, take advantage of sections like "Additional Information" and "Voluntary Experience" to provide a more holistic view of yourself as a candidate.

        Mention any certifications, memberships, or volunteer work that showcase your commitment to the legal field.

        With this guide, you'll have the tools to create a corporate law resume that reflects your dedication, competence, and readiness to excel in the world of law.

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