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Construction Management Resume for Students & Graduates

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Jackie Oro
Site Engineer
Project-oriented construction management undergraduate possessing skills in performing quality control and maintaining inventory as per clients' requirements. Proficient in performing regular site inspections and procuring materials from vendors to ensure smooth completion of projects.
• Construction Planning • Quality Control • Inventory Management • Record-Keeping • Material Arrangement
• Site Inspection • Budget Estimation • Project Management • Client Communication • Documentation
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
Utah Valley University
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    • Cumulative GPA: 3.7/4.0 | Dean's List for 4 semesters
    • Relevant Coursework:
    • Introduction to Construction Management | Construction Safety | Construction Contracts | Construction and Route Surveys
    • Construction Materials and Methods | Construction Computer Applications | Construction Job Site Management
    • Principles of Construction Scheduling | Construction Materials Testing | Applied Statics and Strength of Materials
    Site Engineer
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      Plan Planning & Budget Estimation
      • Aided civil engineers in planning and implementing projects from conception to construction and ensured timely delivery
      • Gained experience in designing construction plans, procuring materials, and arranging logistics for labor and goods
      • Rendered assistance to 4+ engineers in inspecting underwater bridges on-site while recording progress for management
      • Collaborated with senior engineers to prepare estimated budgets for getting approval from the clients
      Planning Coordinator
      Opal Construction
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        Construction Planning & Inventory Management
        • Performed documentation and quality control by adhering to client guidelines under guidance of seniors
        • Tracked inventory for ~3 clients and ensured regular availability of products to avoid overages or delays
        • Conducted record-keeping for ~3 clients and maintained invoices for projects and client interactions
        Material Arrangement & Site Visits
        • Prepared purchase orders for quality material with trusted vendors by coordination with clients and engineers
        • Coordinated with project team to develop action plans for adhering to project timelines and ensure quick completion
        • Performed site visits along with engineers to oversee progress and compliance to plan specifications
        Member of the Social Impact Fellows | UVU
        • Organizing fundraising events by coordinating with 10+ volunteers
        Member of the Women's Golf Team | UVU
        • Competed in NCGC Championship and came first runner-up in February 2021
        Volunteer at Orem Community Centre | Orem, UT
        • Distributed necessity-kits to at-risk children and vulnerable adults by coordinating with ~5 sponsors
        • Assisted public in finding suitable jobs to support themselves by analyzing their physical health and interests

        Let us understand the importance of all of these sections one by one:

        • Summary: Your summary is the first thing potential employers will read, providing a concise overview of your qualifications and career goals.
        • Key Skills: Highlighting your key skills allows employers to quickly assess your abilities and determine if you possess the necessary competencies for the role.
        • Education: Your educational background showcases your academic achievements and demonstrates your foundation in construction management principles and theories.
        • Internship: Internship experience provides real-world exposure to the construction industry, allowing you to apply classroom knowledge, develop practical skills, and gain valuable industry insights.
        • Campus Involvement: Engaging in campus activities demonstrates your proactive nature and ability to work effectively in a team, all of which are highly valued in the construction management field.
        • Volunteer Experience: Volunteer work showcases your commitment to community service, highlighting your dedication, adaptability, and willingness to contribute beyond the confines of your professional role.

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