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Michael Blake
Clinical Research Scientist
  • Medical research scientist armed with a PhD in Integrated Biological Sciences
  • Highly skilled in performing clinical research (lab & site clinical trials), and examining diseases & illnesses to elevate diagnostic & medical treatment procedures
  • Demonstrated capability to develop clinical trial protocols and monitor project execution while collecting & scrutinizing data for further analysis and decision-making
  • Possesses diverse experience of managing & verifying investigational products, writing trial protocols, and generating insightful medical reports for critical stakeholders in medicine
• Clinical Trial Protocol Development • Clinical Research • Diagnosis & Treatment • Project Monitoring
Trial Site Evaluation Investigational Product Management Data Analysis Budget Management
• Data Collection & Analysis • Interviewing & Review Management • Client Servicing & Engagement
Technical Skills: SAP, Tableau, Photoshop, MS Office Suite
Languages: English (Native), German (Intermediate)
Rush University
PhD in Integrated Biomedical Sciences
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    Founded in 1972, serves 2,700+ students (campus and online) across 18 countries with an alumni network of 16k+ professionals across the globe.
    • Top 2 percentile of the class
    • Participated in the RUSH roundtable discussions "The Role of Clinical Biases & Effects in Diagnosis" | Jun '19
    Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)
    BS in Biological Science
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      Overall ranked 8th according to the U.S. News & World Report's 2020 "Best Regional Universities Midwest Rankings"
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      Clinical Research Scientist
      Gamma Technologies
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        Clinical Protocol Development & Research
        • Directed lab research to examine diseases & other illnesses for devising better means of diagnosis & treatment
        • Played a key role in developing the clinical protocol and provided inputs in data related to DSMB
        Project Monitoring & Reports
        • Monitored the progress of projects, reviewed the research performed and drafted operational reports with 100% precision
        • Communicated project proposals, researched findings, and provided the status of projects to clients & senior management
        Stakeholder Engagement
        • Acted as the first point of contact for clinical and medical clarification from investigative sites
        • Interacted with investigators & clinical researchers during conferences, scientific meetings, symposia, webinars, and individual meetings
        Cinical Research Associate
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          Trial Site Evaluation & Clinical Protocols
          • Created and wrote trial protocols, and presented the same to senior management
          • Identified, evaluated, and established trial sites, and closed sites down upon completion of the trial
          • Collaborated with the Ethics committee regarding rights, safety, and well-being of trial subjects
          IP (Investigational Product) Management
          • Trained 5+ site staff members on therapeutic areas, protocol requirements, proper source documentation, and case report form completion
          • Ordered, tracked, & managed IP & trial materials while documenting & verifying IP dispensing, inventory, & reconciliation
          • Conducted regular site visits, coordinated project meetings, and generated visit reports
          Research Assistant
          Marsecurity Lab
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            Data Analysis & Budgeting
            • Collected & analyzed data and provided ready access to all the experimental data for the faculty researchers & supervisors
            • Convened project meetings, area seminars and other meetings as necessary, and monitored the project budget
            • Generated progress reports for the PI & funding agency and created articles, documents & presentations
            Review Management
            • Assisted in conducting literature reviews, preparing interview questions, and recruiting and/or interview subjects
            • Maintained 100% accurate records of interviews and safeguarded the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary
            Project Supervision & Coordination
            • Managed & responded to project-related emails and prepared, maintained & updated website content
            • Oversaw undergraduate students working on the research projects and to ensure high accuracy:
            • Preserved records on assignment completion & acted as a liaison/mediator between them and the faculty researchers
            • Member of the Starlight NGO | Jun '19 - Present
            • Mentoring 25+ children twice a week and enhancing their mathematical skills by teaching basic concepts
            • Organized a 7-day event to increase awareness at the Kids’ Cancer Treatment Division, Victoria Hospital | Dec '19

            The chronological format is essential as it effectively showcases your professional journey, skills, and growth over time.

            Our featured candidate, armed with a PhD in Integrated Biological Sciences, brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

            Their skills include clinical trial protocol development, project monitoring, and data analysis, making them invaluable in the field. Proficiency in tools like SAP and Tableau further enhances their qualifications.

            Their professional experience highlights a commitment to advancing medical practices, from examining diseases to contributing to clinical protocols. Effective stakeholder engagement and communication are also part of their skill set.

            Additionally, don't underestimate the importance of the Volunteer Experience section, which showcases your dedication beyond regular work duties.

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