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Biochemistry Resume for Beginners

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Bathilda Douglas
Biochemistry Research Associate
Biochemistry Researcher with a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry degree, adept at developing & validating biochemical assays by complying with standard procedures. Proficient in analyzing experimental data for research scientists and maintaining experimental records via electronic laboratory notebooks for data analysis.
• Biochemical Assays • Diagnostic Assays • Experimental Data Analysis • Record Maintenance
• Electronic Laboratory Notebook • CGMP Compliance • Method Validation & Transfer • Technical Documentation
  • Capillary & gel electrophoresis: CE-SDS, SDS-PAGE, icIEF, IEF, Western blot
  • Mass spectrometry: LCMS, GCMS, ICP-MS
  • Analytical techniques: HPLC, SCE, CE, iCE, UV, MFI, Appearance, Immunoassay, Bioassay
B.S. in Chemistry | Concentration in Biochemistry
Western Connecticut State University
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    • GPA: 3.8/4.0
    • Course Modules:
    • General Chemistry I & II | Analytical Chemistry | Organic Chemistry I & II | Physical Chemistry I & II
    Biochemistry Research Associate Intern
    Vinesys Therapeutics
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      Biochemical Assays & Analysis
      • Assisted in developing, validating, and improving CRISPR-diagnostic assays
      • Analyzed and presented data from 20+ experiments for a team of 5+ research scientists to enable corrective steps
      Record Maintenance
      • Maintained daily logs and record books of equipment to document all relevant information
      • Employed the use of an electronic laboratory notebook to maintain experimental records
      Associate Scientist Intern
      Spiritpoly Pharma Solutions
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        Policy Compliance
        • Observed the documentation guidelines as required by current good manufacturing procedures (CGMP)
        • Aided in performing method validation or transfer activities while complying with the required guidelines
        Technical Documentation
        • Drafted 20+ technical documents including methods and certificates of analysis
        • Performed technical review of laboratory documentation for regulatory compliance and accuracy
        Health Volunteer
        Marafiki Africa
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          • Volunteered in Tanzania within their pre-health program to vaccinate 1,000+ children
          Backpack & School Supply Drive
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            • Collaborated with 10+ volunteers in collecting school supplies and donating them to 50 local children
            • Languages: English (Native), Korean (Fluent), Mandarin (Elementary)

            In the summary section, highlight your expertise in developing and validating biochemical assays and your prowess in data analysis—skills essential for any research scientist.

            The skills section showcases your proficiency in key areas, while the laboratory skills segment spotlights your hands-on abilities.

            Additionally, don't overlook the importance of detailing your education and internships—they are the foundation of your journey.

            And, to stand out, consider including sections like "Additional Information" and "Community Involvement" or "Volunteer Experience" to paint a more comprehensive picture of yourself.

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