So you finally summoned the Devil and the ritual is now over.

Tickets to the Deadpool 2 movie!

You traded your Soul for your heart’s basest desire, the one thing which had been on your mind for months now . . . .

But wouldn’t it be a drag if you gave away your soul for nothing? If you leave the hall still scratching your head after the movie is over? If you didn't fully remember who Deadpool was?

Being hardcore Deadpool fans, we at Hiration decided to do something about this, albeit in our own way! So, here's the resume of the world’s sassiest superhero till date:


Having a look at this Resume before you go down to watch the movie might help.

Then again, it might not. But now that you’ve already given up your Soul, this sure deserves a shot, don’t you think?

How many bisexual superheroes do you know who dated Death but still love to touch themselves?

Before your best friend bets on your death…

Before you touch yourself tonight…

Before you go see Thanos’ girlfriend’s ex in action…

Take our advice and check out Deadpool’s resume for a crisp refresher on this brazen superhero.

Once you are done, you can have a look at the Deadpool 2 trailer to further pique your interest!

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