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Healthcare and Wellness
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Fitterfly is a HealthTech start-up working in the field of Digital Therapeutics and Digital health. At Fitterfly, we run Digital patient support and wellness programs in the space of Diabetes, Maternal Health (Pregnancy, lactation), PCOS, Obesity, and child health. We differentiate ourselves clearly from digital health by focussing obsessively on patient outcomes and engagement hence living up to our mission as a Digital Therapeutics company.

The Fitterfly Wellness platform has expert health coaches, experienced doctors, and a technology platform that personalizes every interaction and yields valuable data about patient wellbeing. We have built SaaS Platforms, Database products, calculators, and AI engines around food and nutrition. If you're excited to be part of a winning team, Fitterfly is a great place to grow your career.
IndustryHealthcare and Wellness
Company Size201-500 Employees

Perks and Benefits at Fitterfly

  • ESOPs for senior-level or management roles (specific cases)
  • Attractive salary
  • Generous paid time off
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Insurance coverage
  • Upskilling through learning programs

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DevOps Engineer · 14 days ago
Full-Time · Navi Mumbai · 0-18L
Senior Data Scientist · 14 days ago
Full-Time · Navi Mumbai · 0-25L
Project Manager · 14 days ago
Full-Time · Navi Mumbai · 0-20L

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Founders and Funding


Arbinder Singal

Co-Founder & CEO

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Total Funding Amount

$18M (Series A) 2022
9UnicornsAmazon Smbhav Venture Fund4point0 Health VenturesVenture CatalystsFireside VenturesSriram Natarajan
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