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🤔 What is DeepSource?
DeepSource is an automated code review tool that helps developers write better code, by finding and automatically fixing bugs and defects before the code is pushed to production.

It integrates with popular code hosting platforms, like GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and so on, and shows developers problems in the code every time they push changes or make a pull request. DeepSource finds issues like bug risks, anti-patterns, security vulnerabilities, performance problems, style violations, documentation gaps, and deficiency of test coverage in source code.

🛠 What technologies do you use?
We use static analysis, regular expressions, and machine learning behind the scenes to detect issues in code, generate fixes, and prioritize issues depending on the project or team's coding conventions. Our in-house Language Engineering team builds and maintains custom static analyzers, in addition to supporting integrations with third-party open-source static analyzers.

We have our own analysis runtime, which means you don't need any external runtime like a CI tool (CircleCI, TravisCI, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, etc.) to use DeepSource.

🎮 What technologies do you support?
You may refer to DeepSource Directory for a list of technologies supported. In addition to source code, we enable you to track key metrics of your codebase, such as test coverage, documentation coverage, dependencies, etc.

👀 How are we different from others?
There are a number of companies who've tried using static analysis to solve the problem of improving the quality of code. DeepSource takes a radically different approach by adding layers on top of the static analysis layer (where other competitors stop) to make the results more usable by developers. Our primary differentiators are:

- Less than 5% false-positive rate in the issues detected.
- Ability to automatically fix issues in a couple of clicks with Autofix.
- Code-formatting on autopilot with Transformers.
- Most comprehensive static analyzers in the industry, with 2000+ unique issues detected.

📊 What's the business model?
DeepSource is free forever to use for open-source projects.
For use on private projects, we have plans of $10/month/developer for smaller teams and $30/month/developer medium-sized businesses. For Enterprises, we have custom pricing based on seats and volume.

💸 Who are our customers?
DeepSource is used by tens of thousands of developers and open-source projects around the world, in addition to companies like Slack, Intel, NASA, QuBole, SAS Software, and others.

👩🏻‍💻 How big is our team?
As of August '21, we are a small team of 35 folks working distributed across US and India and we're actively hiring at the moment.

Sanket ( and Jai ( are the founders.

💰 Have you raised funding?
Yes, we are backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley, including Y Combinator, 645 Ventures, Liquid2 Ventures, Pioneer Fund, FundersClub, HackVC, Tokyo Black, and angels like Christopher Golda, Ivan Kirigin, Mike Viscuso, among others.
HeadquarterSan Francisco, US
Company Size11-50 Employees

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