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CRED is an exclusive community for India’s most trustworthy and creditworthy individuals, where the members are rewarded for good financial behavior. CRED was born out of a need to bring back the focus on a long-lost virtue, one of trust, the idea is to create a community centered around this virtue. a community that constantly strives to become more virtuous in this regard till they finally scale their behavior to create a utopia where being trustworthy is the norm and not the exception.

To build a community like this requires a community of its own; a community special in its own way, working towards making this vision come true. Here's a thought experiment: what do you get when you put a group of incredibly passionate and driven people and entrust them with the complete freedom to chase down their goals in a completely uninhibited manner? answer: you get something close to what we have at CRED; CRED just has it better.
Company Size500-1000 Employees

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SDE3 Backend Engineer · 8 months ago
Full-Time · Remote · 25-80L

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Kunal Shah

CEO and Founder

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(Series F) 2022
Tiger Global ManagementFalcon Edge CapitalCoatue Management LLP
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