Free High School Teacher Resume Sample [2022]

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High School Teacher
+1 (888) 555 6644
    7+ years experienced teacher skilled in teaching both high school school students along with academic evaluations, lesson planning and standardized testing expertise. Have worked for 3 years as a teaching assistant for a high school English teacher and 4+ years as a chemistry teacher for high school students. Adept in conducting lesson planning for the entire year depending on the syllabus as well as the academic requirements of the students. Proficient in conducting as well as evaluation standardized testing across multiple subjects including chemistry, physics as well as English. Possess a unique track record of working with students to ensure actual learning as well as improve their overall scores.
    • Teaching • Evaluations • Lesson Planning • Standardized Testing
    • Progress Monitoring • Student Engagement • Staff Training
    • Awarded the “Best Teacher Award” in ’15
    • Recognized for significant contribution to Community Activities, ’14
    • Certified as an International Chemistry Teacher (North America), Teachers Association of the USA ‘14
    • Attended the ‘National Training Workshop for High School Teachers’, Boulder ‘14
    • Received the High School Teaching Program Certification, NYU ‘11
    • Successfully completed the foundational course for teaching high school students, New York City, ‘10
    San Diego Public School
    High School Teacher – Chemistry & Physics
      The San Diego Public School is the largest public school in the state of California
      • Responsible for teaching Chemistry & Physics to a total of 150+ students every year from grades 10 - 12
      • Committed to ensuring the complete mental, social as well as emotional development of the students
      • Continuously introducing new & innovative methods to teach science to students such as practical demonstrations, industry field trips etc.
      • Focusing on the use of technology such as smart classroom apps, ebooks etc. to teach students
      Lesson Planning
      • Developing new lesson plans for both Chemistry & Physics as per the updated curriculum from the US Department of Education
      • Ensuring that lesson plans maintain a balance between thorough understanding of students and the pace of learning
      Standardized Testing
      • Improved standardized test scores for the last 2 batches of students by 12% as compared to the previous years
      • Playing a key role in creating questions for various standardized tests that administered to 100k high school students in the US
      Admin & Staff Training
      • Part of the administrative committee of the school; taking care of the day to day school operations
      • Conducting teacher training for ~10 new teachers hired by the school every year
      Sacramento Public School
      High School Teaching Assistant
        • Worked as the Teaching Assistant to the High School English teacher
        • Handled multiple classrooms consisting of a total of 50+ students
        • Assisted in the creation of the annual lesson plans for the different grades
        • Organized ~50 class activities every year including field visits, guest speakers, cultural competitions etc.
        • Gained proficiency in dealing with students with disabilities and special needs
        Bachelor of Education – Chemistry & Physics
        UC Berkeley
          The University of California, Berkeley is the top public university in the United States
          • Top 15 percentile of the class
          • Languages: English, Spanish
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