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We do everything a conventional recruiter does - but
faster - using Artificial Intelligence

Who's Hiring From Us?

How it works?

AI + Data Insights = Faster Sourcing and Higher Joining Rate


Understand Requirements

We understand your requirements for each role in detail; to find the candidates best suited for the role.

Short-list and Qualify

We use multiple channels to source resumes, our AI engine to shortlist them & call the candidates to qualify them.


We share the qualified candidates with you, drive the entire process with your feedback & give you data backed insights to increase your joining rate.

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Your search for a recruitment partner that you don’t have to babysit ends here.

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Why Hiration?

Higher Joining Rate with Data-Backed Insights

In the last 5 years, we’ve already helped 1M+ candidates in their job search journey.This has given us a lot of insights into what makes a candidate tick.

We give you data backed insights and best practices around
CTC, notice period, candidate location etc.

These insights not only help us find the right candidates for you, but also ensure a higher joining rate.

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Faster & Better Short-listing with AI

While conventional recruiters can't go beyond keywords, our AI engine can!

This means swift process time at minimal costs.

Our recruitment experts then drive the entire source-to-hire lifecycle for you, with your feedback.

All you have to worry about is making offers to potential candidates.

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Being a Tech Start-Up, we Truly Understand Your Needs

Hiration is the brainchild of IIT D, IIT K, IIT BHU & IIM C graduates,who have previously worked at Postman, Zostel, Flipkart, Adobe, BCG.

Our core team has a collective experience of 40+ yrs in the tech startup space.This helps us understand your needs better than any recruiter out there.

In short, our background helps us create a seamless recruiting experience for you.

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Try Us Risk-Free at ZERO Upfront Cost

Apart from offering guaranteed results, we let you get started with us risk-free!

We offer our services at 0 upfront cost, with a 3 month replacement/money back guarantee.

Upon successful joining, we charge 1 month CTC, i.e 8.33% only.

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Hire with Hiration

Your search for a recruitment partner that you don’t have to babysit ends here.

Let's Work Together