Technology is leaping every moment, and DevOps is a marvelous example of human society's technical advancement.

The demand for DevOps engineers is increasing steadily as today’s businesses aim for global reach with responsive applications to deliver services at high velocity.

Currently, more than 11,000 DevOps engineers are working in the United States. A recent study shows that the average hourly salary of DevOps engineers in the United States is $58, and the salary range falls between $52 and $64.

Many aspiring DevOps engineers queries related to the salary of their targeted profiles. So, considering that, we are showcasing every essential aspect of a DevOps Engineer Salary in the United States.

Here you will get information about the following queries regarding senior DevOps Engineer salary:

Average DevOps Engineer Salary in the US

The average AWS certified DevOps engineer salary in the United States is $117,887 annually. However, the compensation can differ based on many factors, including company size, geographical location, work experience, and education level.

Highest Paying DevOps Engineer Salary Cities in the US

Here is the list of highest paying entry level DevOps Engineer salary cities in the United States. In addition, you can see here how the location of a company plays a vital role in determining the salary of a professional.

City Name Average DevOps Salary
San Francisco, CA $156,552
New York, NY $133,311
Boston, MA $131,821
Austin, TX $129,251
Dallas, TX $125,764
Chicago, IL $121,495
Atlanta, GA $115,580
Denver, CO $112,554
Phoenix, AZ $107,480

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Top Companies Paying Highest DevOps Engineer Salary in the US

You can check out the list of companies paying the highest DevOps Engineer Salary in the United States below:

Company Name Average DevOps Salary
Stanford Health Care $201,698
Pitney Bowes $183,805
Roche $173,327
Discover $171,251
Third Republic $169,266
Nutanix $161,739
The College Board $159,483
Cisco $152,881
Stefanini IT Solution $150,652
Sleep Number $150,469

Factors Affecting DevOps Engineer Salary

Like any other profession, the Jr DevOps Engineer salary varies on different factors. Hence, we advise you to keep all these factors in mind while applying for a DevOps engineer job or asking to increase your salary.

Have a glance at the significant factors affecting Sr DevOps engineer salary in the United States:

Company Size

Prominent companies can offer you better remuneration compared to the smaller companies. Companies that are already established and working to scale their business will have better funds to pay you than a startup trying to build their company in this highly competitive market.

Geographical Location

The company's location is also a determining factor for Amazon DevOps engineer salary in the United States. For example, the average Cloud DevOps engineer salary in San Francisco is $156,552, while a DevOps engineer in Phoenix only gets $107,480.

Work Experience & Skills

Work experience is the fundamental factor to improve your junior DevOps engineer salary in 2022. Hence, we recommend you gain experience and improve your DevOps engineering skills to get better compensation in the United States.

Education Level

Most people start their careers after getting a bachelor's degree. However, professionals with a Master’s degree get better salaries. Hence, we recommend getting a Master’s degree to boost your senior DevOps engineer salary in 2022.


Technical certifications in your portfolio can make you stand apart from the crowd during the recruitment process. Therefore, you must add as many technical certificates as you can to your resume to improve your AWS DevOps engineer salary.

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Tips for Getting Higher DevOps Engineer Salary in America

After knowing all the points that affect a lead DevOps engineer salary, let us see how you can increase your salary in 2022:

Upgrade Your DevOps Skills

DevOps is a technical advancement helping people to scale their business. Hence, you must be equipped with the latest technical skills to use this technology efficiently. In addition, upgrading skills and learning new techniques will help you improve your salary.

Get DevOps Engineer Certification

Certifications are essential to keep growing professionally. You can choose any of these below-given certifications to increase your career and AWS DevOps engineer salary in 2022:

Top 10 Certifications to Increase Your DevOps Engineer Salary in 2022

Gain Professional Experience

You should not rush to get higher remuneration. Instead, you must gain industry-specific experience first. Recruiters prioritize experienced professionals as they know how to work in an organization and have the technical knowledge to help in the business growth.

Use a Professional DevOps Engineer Resume

You should build a professional and concise DevOps engineer resume to apply for a DevOps job in 2022. You can use reverse chronological resume format to outline the resume. Moreover, we suggest you use one-liner bullet points while writing your resume details as recruiters pay little attention to lengthy paragraphs.

Do Cover Letters Affect Your DevOps Engineer Salary Package?

A cover letter has nothing to do with your azure DevOps engineer salary package. However, adding a cover letter with your DevOps engineer resume will increase your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process.

Hence, if you switch your company or apply for a new DevOps engineer job, we recommend using a DevOps engineer cover letter to get better results.

Key Takeaways

You should remember all the factors affecting senior DevOps engineer salary while applying for a new job or expecting salary increment in your current company.

After that, these points will help you boost your salary in 2022:

  • Upgrade your skills and learn the latest DevOps engineering techniques to impress the manager or recruiter
  • Get certified with the latest and most effective DevOps certification to prove your worth as a DevOps engineer
  • Gain experience as a DevOps engineer to get a higher position and better salary in this competitive market
  • Use a professional DevOps engineer resume and cover letter while applying for a DevOps job in 2022

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