Architects play a crucial role in designing and constructing buildings, ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Furthermore, the field of architecture offers a promising career path with the potential for financial stability.

Given the lucrative nature of architecture careers, where architects are typically paid by the project on a piece-rate basis, what is the hourly rate for a US architect?

The average architect salary per hour according to BLS is $39.83, ranging from $24.67 (10%) to $65.58 (90%).

We will delve into the various factors that contribute to architect salaries, providing a comprehensive guide for those interested in pursuing this rewarding profession.

3 Essential Steps to Becoming an Architect

Becoming an architect requires dedication, education, and practical experience. Here are the essential steps to embark on this career path:

  • Academic Requirements: A professional degree in architecture is necessary, typically a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) or a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree. These programs cover architectural principles, design concepts, and technical skills.

  • Gaining Practical Experience: Internships and apprenticeships provide valuable opportunities to work with experienced professionals, learn practical skills, and gain industry insights. Many architecture programs include internships.

  • Obtaining Licensure: Licensure involves passing the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), a comprehensive exam assessing knowledge and competency in various architectural areas. Meeting state-specific requirements, including completing internship hours, is necessary for licensure.

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Top Careers in Architecture and Their Salary in 2023

The architecture field offers a diverse range of career paths, catering to different interests and specialties. Some of the prominent roles with good pay potential within the field include:

  • Residential: This niche includes designing homes and residential buildings as per client's needs, preferences, and budgets. The residential architect salary range typically falls between $51,634 and $78,794.

  • Commercial: Commercial architects specialize in non-residential structures like offices, malls, and hotels, focusing on traffic flow, space utilization, and building codes. The average commercial architect salary in the United States is $93,437 a year.

  • Landscape: These professionals design outdoor spaces such as parks and gardens, collaborating for sustainable and visually appealing landscapes. The salary of a landscape architect typically falls between $81,500 and $112,600.

  • Industrial: This niche caters to designing structures for industrial purposes, including factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. The average industrial architect salary in the United States is $90,620 per year.

  • Sustainable: Sustainable or green architects focus on environmentally friendly design practices, incorporating renewable materials and energy-efficient solutions. The average green or sustainable architect salary in the United States is $131,322 a year.

  • Interior: Interior architects create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces, considering the layout, materials, lighting, and furnishings. The average interior architect salary in the United States is $85,000 per year.

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Average Architect Salary for Different Levels of Experience

Understanding the salary landscape is crucial for those considering a career in architecture. To gain insights into architect salaries, we have observed and compared wide databases of user-submitted salary information.

While salaries can vary based on several factors, including experience, location, and specialization, we can outline the average architect salary for different career stages:

  • Entry-level architect salary: Entry-level architects typically earn an annual salary of $67,297 on average, and the salary can vary depending on factors such as education, internships, and geographic location.

  • Mid-level architect salary: Mid-level architects with several years of experience can expect an average salary of $95,914 per year. The specific salary level depends on factors like project complexity, client base, and firm reputation.

  • Senior architect salary: Senior architects, with significant experience and expertise, can command an average salary of $121,371 per year. These professionals often take on leadership roles within architectural firms and are responsible for overseeing projects and managing teams.

It's important to note that these are approximate figures and can vary based on factors such as the size of the firm, the region's cost of living, and the architect's reputation.

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States Paying the Highest Base Architect Salary

Here is the average base salary offered by different states in the United States:

State Salary
California $112,578
Texas $106,468
Florida $94,342
New Jersey $97,699
Ohio $83,699
North Carolina $91979
Maryland $91724
Massachusetts $94,707
Michigan $105,989
Tennessee $82,602
New York $95,196

With an average annual salary of $112,578, California is the top-paying state in the United States for architects. Although the architect salary offered by them is much higher than the national average because California is one of the most expensive states.

Next in line is Texas, offering a lot of earning potential for architects in the state, especially in Dallas and Houston with an average architect salary as of May ‘23 being $113,284 and $94,885, respectively.

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FAQs about Architect Salary

Q. What is the gender pay gap in architecture?

A. Women architects earn 83 cents for every dollar earned by men, resulting in a wider gender pay gap compared to other industries. This pay disparity translates to women receiving $15,080 less than their male counterparts for performing the same job.

Q. What is an architect's salary per month?

A. As of May ‘23, the average monthly pay for an Architect in the United States is $6,916 a month.

Q. Is architecture a good career?

A. Yes. Architecture can be a rewarding and fulfilling career for those with a passion for design, creativity, and the ability to merge artistry with functionality. It also offers excellent earning opportunities.

Recap of Architect Salary Statistics

  • The average architect's salary in the United States is $61,225 as of May ‘23, with the range falling between $56,816 and $66,064.
  • Employment growth in the architecture industry between 2021 and 2031 is set at 3%
  • The architect's salary per hour in the United States is $43, but the salary range typically falls between $39 and $48.
  • Commercial and sustainable architects are the highest-paid in the United States
  • The highest paying states for architect salaries are California and Texas

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