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What is a Management Consultant Resume?

Management Consultants are required in a variety of organizations to provide them assistance for improving their performance.

A Management Consultant resume sample usually has the following responsibilities marked down:

  • research
  • requirement gathering/assessing
  • preparing business presentations
  • organizing workshops/seminars
  • business analysis

Qualifications often seen on Management Consultant resumes are the likes of

  • leadership
  • management expertise
  • communication
  • problem solving
  • analytical thinking
  • computer competencies

Most successful management consultants hold a Master's Degree in management or business analysis and multiple certifications in the related field.

What goes in your management consultant resume:

  1. Accomplishments in developing client relationships
  2. Developing new business in the firms one worked for
  3. Developing new practice areas and revenue
  4. Management and delivery of successful consulting engagements
  5. Proficiency in mentoring and developing junior consultants

Why you need a Management Consultant Resume

  • Management Consultant - Web Manager
  • Health Management Consultant
  • Emergency Management Consultant
  • Resource Management Consultant
  • Senior Executive IT Management Consultant
  • Organizational Change Management Consultant
  • Project Management Consultant
  • Client Management Consultant

So, your management consultant resume could either be a risk management consultant resume, organizational change management consultant resume or a project management consultant resume

Who reviews the Management Consultant Resume?

Though the resume screening process varies across different firms and offices, there are some common themes that every recruiter sticks to.

Your resume will likely be reviewed by junior consultants who share your background.

Three important keywords here are junior, consultant, and shared background.


Consulting firms mostly process a massive numbers of resumes.

Senior consultants' time lesser time on resume screening, so they pass screening process to their junior colleagues. As a result, you don’t need stuff that is too fancy or technical to get in. In fact, simple and understandable language works best.


In order to evaluate whether a candidate is a good fit for consulting work, the screener must be insightful and have consulting experience. Most offices only allow consultants to review resumes. It will be highly beneficial if you can have someone in the consulting industry review yours.

Shared Background

Generally, your resume will be reviewed by whoever in the office whose background is the most similar to yours. Your screener might have gone to the same university or was from the same country as you.

We assure you a professional touch of two of the keywords - consultant and shared backgrounds. Professionals at Hiration have constantly liaised with professionals of all kinds of management

How to make a management consultant resume

The management consultant resume sample below:

Now let's go through the steps.


Step 1 - Crafting your Master CV

Your master CV basically encapsulates your entire lifespan on document.

It documents your:

  • interests
  • achievements
  • scholarships
  • recommendations
  • education
  • courses pursued
  • extra-curricular activities
  • co-curricular activities

It is the initial document you must possess before you screen the necessary information only.

Well, if you have your master CV ready, let us help you out with your resume.


Step 2 - Tailoring your Resume

Most consulting screening processes compile resume scores in Excel spreadsheets, and this systematic process ensures your resume won’t be overlooked even if your name is.

We have seen many candidates with excellent resumes got rejected by McKinsey or Bain. The reason is much simpler than most of them would expect: Their resume is not for management consulting position!

Simply speaking, they wasted too many words describing the wrong qualifications.

A perfect consulting resume should directly speak to consulting people.

It should be written in a consulting-like tone and highlight skill sets relevant to consulting. In order to nail it, you should:

  1. Understand the management consulting industry
  2. Have someone in the industry give you feedback

Minutely check the consulting terminology that you can and should include in your management consultant resume.

It is always advisable to get your resume professionally reviewed before submitting your management consultant resume pdf to the recruiter.


Step 3 - Writing your Resume Header


Your name should be the largest text on your resume. This is often overlooked. If your management consultant resume is typed in standard 12 font size, it is recommended that the name on your resume should be between 14 - 16 px.

Consulting recruiters peruse more than 300 resumes in 3 hours. This gives them roughly 30 seconds per resume at most.

You do not want them to forget your name in between the searches. The name on your management consultant resume should be followed by the next largest and most important text - the title.


Massy Arias may not need a profile title on her resume. Neither would Dwayne Johnson. But we certainly do. Your title should essentially express:

  1. Field of experience
  2. Level of experience

Add a profile header right under your title.

Your resume header should essentially contain your:

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Current Location

You may add your LinkedIn profile as long as you make sure your profile is ready for public view. Include your experiences, your certifications and your skills.

  • Tailor your cover image and title according to your target job
  • Tally your profile with your management consultant resume

Step 4 - Professional Experience & Education Sections

Work Experiences

Senior Management Consultant | Ramsey Corp | Sacramento, US  |Nov '13 - Present

Client Relationship Management and Project Execution

  • Developing and managing project plans and creating work schedules to meet business objectives and priorities
  • Managing multiple concurrent engagements while ensuring exceptional client satisfaction and on-time delivery
  • Gathering client feedback, translating business requirements into goals in alliance with operational objectives
  • Managing end-to-end project tasks of 10 team members & maintaining high standards of quality and thoroughness
  • Conducting analyses into executive presentations that deliver an evidence-based narrative on the topics in focus

Forecasting, Analysis & Risk Mitigation

  • Presenting forecast models to 50+ clients while identifying potential risks and drafting mitigation plans
  • Providing business insights into model design and build, apply statistical estimation techniques and/or optimization techniques for forecasting engagements
  • Managing a team of Principals/Managers/Senior Consultants to develop project proposals and contribute in business development efforts by creating sales pitches, case studies, and Microsoft Excel demos
  • Assuming ownership of internal practice development and capability building initiatives
  • Participating in brainstorming and idea generation to innovate & expand company services and product offerings

Troubleshooting, Team Leadership & Management

  • Leading discussions with the team for evolving product ideas and troubleshooting bottlenecks during the engagements
  • Independently building, leading and guiding a team of ~3 associate consultants
  • Introducing change leadership methodology to enable leading by example & demonstrate benefits of change
  • Mentoring and coaching associates and associate consultants to ensure engagement as well as organizational success

The former work experience shows

Management Consultant | Kamp Communication | Jersey City, US  | Aug '11 - Oct '13

Strategic Planning, Architecture Design, Solutions Delivery,

  • Shaping end to end architecture & design, and work with the technical / program head and team to implement solutions
  • Effectively creating, unifying, and guiding project team with disparate skills and backgrounds
  • Consulting with clients and partners to provide functional/technical expertise in solution design, project management
  • Supporting Pre-sale activities and provide technical solutions, effort estimation, define delivery strategy and plan
  • Designing solutions via analytic tools & techniques to ensure project delivery as the Delivery team leader

Business Development & Sales

  • Promoting firm development by taking multiple initiatives to identify new clients and business opportunities
  • Building technical competence by introducing additional analytics skills from your experience
  • Appointed Business Development Manager for overseas territories of Puerto Rico
  • Achieved sales worth USD 1 M of licenses & consulting services in Puerto Rico & USD 1 M license sales in MyTel
  • Led business development in Xyfone which generated USD 6 M in sales

Strategic Partnerships, Negotiation & Client Relationship Management

  • Preparing and presenting work directly to clients to secure business worth USD 10 M
  • Led negotiations with Qetcom & Mytel to close important sales for the company
  • Convinced CIOs to buy additional product licenses & negotiated with the SCN functions to arrive at the final price
  • Responsible for Strategic Account Management the comm product suite in Mytel, Terizon & Meco
  • Forged major partnerships with leading retail chains to increase retail sales by 200% in 3 years
  • Closed a partnership with a leading security equipment producer to co manufacture 100k encrypted devices


Summer Intern | H&K | New York, US | May '10 - Jul '10

  • Played a key role in a team of 10 sales associates while reporting to the manager
  • Closed 2 consulting deals worth USD 30k with leading startups in NYC

In case of a single month internship, you may only include the month without implying a month to month


B.B.A. - Sales | UC Berkeley | Berkeley, US | June '07 - Apr '11

  • CGPA: 3.5

Selected Projects

E-business, '10

  • Conceptualized & set up an online marketing consulting service
  • Closed B2B deals worth USD 10k+ in value

Development of a novel approach for digital marketing, ‘08

  • Acquired in-depth knowledge on the latest concepts about the concepts of Search Engine Marketing

Extra-curricular achievements


  • 1st position, Inter College debate competition, UCLA '10
  • 1st position, National Level elocution competition, Harvard University | '09


  • Captained the Basketball Team to win the Inter University League, UC Berkeley | ’11
  • Captain of the University Soccer Team | ’10 - ’11

Additional Information

  • Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese

It is important to provide details around your languages, if you are targeting a job at a particular location.

For example, since Donnie Azoff here is trying to target management consultancy in Japan, he should especially highlight his familiarity and proficiency with the Japanese language.

Hiration Pro-Tip: It is not advisable to have easily noticeable gaps in your work timeline and education.

Questions often lead to questions and the recruiter’s impression of you and your management consultant resume can have a negative impact.

You can always fill your the timeframe with some experiences - nonprofit work, volunteering experiences, global travel, part-time schooling,  etc.

You may also easily try to explain your situation in terms of family issues, etc. However, make sure you do not start excusing yourself in your cover letter itself.


Step 6 - Key Skills in your Management Consultant Resume

List skills by order of importance to a consultant position. First, list hard skills pertaining to consulting. These set you apart.

Follow them by the more general ones. Examples of hard skills found in consultant resume samples include experience with certain types of databases, data analysis, survey design and technical proposal writing.

Examples of soft skills, however, include customer service and product knowledge as well as analytical and time-management skills.

Always remember to include skills which are mandatorily asked for in the job description.

Key Business Development Sales Negotiations
Management Consultancy Risk Mitigation Analysis
Team Management Solutions Delivery Strategic Planning
Sales Forecasting Architecture Design


Step 7 - Professional Summary

Immediately pull employers in by crafting a summary statement that tells them why they need to hire you.

Your summary statement should be the introductory paragraph of a persuasive resume. It begins by clearly stating the position you’re applying for.

"Management Consultant"

and how experienced you are:

"5+ years experienced"

Incorporate your most important skills into this section in a manner that really entices employers to read on.

"skilled in BD, sales, team management"

You then attempt to showcase your track record.

"Possesses a diverse experience of working with established global brands as well as start- ups."

Not to mention, explain how your skills can help the company meet its goals. Also, highlight your knowledge and expertise to express why you should be trusted with a consultant position.

These summary statements are examples of the type of content you’ll find in consultant resume samples:


5+ years experienced & result oriented Management Consultant skilled in BD, sales, team management. Possesses a diverse experience of working with established global brands as well as start-ups. Skilled professional with hands-on experience in developing strategic relationships & increasing profitability. Skilled at closing B2B deals worth millions of dollars. Adept at forging partnerships to create strategic benefits.

Step 8 - Formatting your Resume

The 3 Best Resume Formats Are

  1. Chronological Resume Format
  2. Functional Resume Format
  3. Combined Resume Format

For your management consultant resume, using the reverse-chronological resume format is highly suggested.

This format is the simplest among the 3 and recruiters prefer it most.

This format allows the most focus on the work experience section with your experiences listed in order of most recent to oldest. The resume layout places the work experience section before skills and education.


Step 9 - Arranging your Resume Sections

One you have chosen the reverse-chronological format for your resume, your should ideally arrange your resume sections according to the  management consultant resume sample:

  1. Resume Headers - Name, Contact, Profile
  2. Resume Summary
  3. Key Skills
  4. Professional Experiences
  5. Internships
  6. Education
  7. Additional Information
  8. Selected Projects
  9. Extra-curricular Achievements
  10. Co-curricular Achievements

You may also take a call whether you want to include the Additional Information section at the end of your resume.


Step 10 - Proofreading

Proofreading is simple if you follow these 7 tips:

  1. Concentration is key - You must concentrate.
  2. Put it on paper - People read differently on screen and on paper.
  3. Watch out for homonyms - Words with same pronunciation different meanings.
  4. Watch out for contractions and apostrophes.
  5. Check the punctuation.
  6. Check the numbers - USD $10,000 ≠ $100,000
  7. Get someone else to proofread it.

Key Takeaways

  • A perfect Management Consultant Resume should directly speak to the relevant people.

First, understand the industry. Secondly, have someone in the industry give you feedback.

In fact we suggest getting feedback from the industry-specific professionals.
  • Always have a Master CV with all your skills, qualifications and contributions.
  • Tailor your Management Consultant Resume according to your target position.

This shall help you rank higher on the ATS.

  • Write a summary that highlights your:
  1. relevant skills
  2. relevant certifications
  3. key achievements
  4. years of experience
  5. impact you created
  • Your achievements should stand out across your resume.
  • Make a separate section for all your projects and certifications.

In case you have a specific set of questions, feel free to reach out to the professionals at Hiration through the comments section.